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Is it Time for Revolution in Greece?

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The Greek government is calling for full disclosure of ALL household wealth. The Greeks are to disclose everything they own — cash worldwide, jewelry, real estate, paintings, and furniture. The Greek government is totally insane and intends to exploit its population simply to remain in the euro without the simplest shred of evidence that such a measure would even benefit the country.

They are preparing to impose a compulsory levy to reduce debt owed to Brussels and Germany. This will send the Greek economy into a Fourth World order and destroy one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. There is zero chance of altering the future since the corruption of the Greek government – not the people — created this nightmare to begin with. Now the Greek population will have to pay for the fraud their government carried out with the aid of Goldman Sachs.

ECM Greece

Greece began the Sovereign Debt Crisis precisely on our model, to the day, on the Pi Cycle from the 2007 high. This was the same as 9/11, which took place, to the day, from the 1998 high in the ECM. We may see a revolution appear in Greece by 2018.89. This is getting totally insane and the government has lost all credibility of how to manage a state.