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Who Are You?

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Just one question – How do you understand things so well?

I understand people who have lived in the real world – been there, done that! sorts, but to be able to have a worthwhile opinion on almost everything under the sun is something pretty unbelievable.


Thanks for all the terrific stuff


ANSWER: Interesting question, I seem to get this a lot. It is all a question of perspective and opinion. People who argue on opinion and refuse to listen go down in flames. I was trained by my father on how to see the world, and by my clients as to how it functions.

I am a product of my environment. My father was an aid to General Patton who defeated the southern Swabian German General Erwin Rommel (1891–1944) who was highly regarded as having been a humane and professional officer. Rommel wrote a manual for officer instruction in infantry training, and in his personal time he wrote his book “Infanterie greift an” (“Infantry Attacks”), a description of the various actions he was involved with in the Great War, along with his observations. Patton read Rommel’s book and anticipated what he would do, which enable him to win the battle. My father always taught me to avoid opinion and keep an open mind for it is NOT what you think that matters; it is what your opponent believes. In my case, it is history. If they have done it before, they will do it again because human intellect produces the same series of solutions to the very reasoning that caused the event.

Having offices around the world and clients everywhere has forged me into what I am today, in that furnace of experience. You will see that in Socrates for you will have to select your currency and the recommendations and strategy MUST be based upon your perspective – not mine. Telling you the Dow will rise 25% but the dollar will fall 50% means nothing to an American and everything to a foreign investor.

So, the most valuable lesson I have learned is to LISTEN and try to see the world through the eyes of everyone else. That is the only way to function. It is like terrorists who truly believe they will be rewarded. You must understand it is not your opinion that matters.

This is why I say I will distinguish between my OPINION and what the computer projects. OPINION is not reliable. Until you learn that lesson, good luck in life.