Moderna Poised to Commit Infanticide

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Moderna is officially coming for toddlers and infants under five. The company submitted a formal request with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), claiming the vaccine is 51% effective among toddlers under two and 37% effective in the two to five-year-old range. Instead of the standard two-100 microgram doses, the youngest among the population will receive two 25-microgram doses.

“I think it is likely that over time they will need additional doses. But we’re working on that,” Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Paul Burton stated.

They will continue to force vaccines on everyone in the population. There is no telling the long-term effects of injecting a gene-altering medication into a baby, but Big Pharma is willing to risk lives for profits and government is will risk lives to retain control over a scared and uninformed population. Only 475 children under five have died from COVID, according to the Associated Press. There is absolutely no need for a vaccination for this demographic.

There are reports of babies dying through breast milk contaminated with the vaccination. Countless top doctors have warned against vaccinating children in general. Even the World Health Organization has even admitted that healthy adolescents do not need boosters, despite Pfizer filing a claim to have theirs approved for the five to twelve-year-old kids. Not to be outdone, Pfizer said it will have a vaccine for babies by the summer.

Since parents are reluctant to destroy their child’s development, the powers that be will continue to force mandates. They will push for universal passports to document everyone, including the youngest, most vulnerable members of society. They want us to inject ourselves repeatedly from birth until death for a virus that even Fauci no longer calls a pandemic.