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WHO: Healthy Children Do Not Need Boosters

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Soumya Swaminathan, the chief scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO), declared that COVID booster shots are not appropriate for healthy children. “The aim is to protect the most vulnerable, to protect those at highest risk of severe disease and dying,” she declared, noting that the booster vaccines should only be used to treat the elderly, immunocompromised, and health care workers treating COVID positive patients.

“There’s no evidence right now that healthy children or healthy adolescents need boosters,” Swaminathan stated. “No evidence at all.” Her message comes on the tail of the CDC approving booster shots for children aged 12 to 17. Pfizer would like to inject children with another useless vaccine “at least” five months after receiving the first two doses. Again, there is absolutely no evidence that this is necessary.

The scientist took to Twitter to state that the goal should not be to develop a new vaccine for each new strain of the virus. “Rather than pursuing a strategy of creating a new vaccine for each new variant, we must invest in R&D [research and development] for protective vaccines against all betacoronoviruses – academics working on broadly neutralizing antibodies can work wt [with] vaccine developers to identify consensus sequences.”

Our computer models have warned that Pfizer would peak in 2022. The endless “breakthrough” cases are causing many to realize that the vaccine is not effective. We are one step closer to reaching a herd immunity to fear.