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Vaccines Can Be an Undisclosed Risk

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A 15-month-old healthy girl was given three vaccines at the same time and died two days later. When you get some prescribed drug from your doctor, there is a warning: do not take it with something else. That is what is missing with vaccines. One of my employees cannot take any vaccine. His entire family gets violently ill just taking a flu vaccine. We are not all the same. I was vaccinated, and so were my children. I do not recall getting three all at the same time. They do not come with any warning label that a parent gets to read.

The problem is that our pretend “representatives” have given 100% immunity to drug companies. Why? They paid them off. If an auto company had 1 in 100 cars blow up when you turned it on but could NEVER be sued, why fix anything? Go 10 miles over the speed limit, and they fine you to teach you a lesson. They do not do the same to their favorite supporters – drug companies and bankers. Any politician who voted for that should be driven from office and held responsible for conspiracy to violate human rights.

I would not allow my children to be vaccinated with multiple vaccines all at the same time.

But I am not a doctor. Just my GUT FEELING!