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The End of Ukraine – The Cyclical View

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ECM Russia 1991 Pi

QUESTION: Marty; Socrates is always amazing. I understand this forecast of war and Russia comes from the computer and you wish you were wrong. There is a video out there also saying the Bucha is a false flag even showing that people pretending to be dead in the streets with no blood and then when they think the camera passed they get up. It does seem that they are trying so hard to justify war and MSNBC is advocating America should invade Ukraine. Do you have any idea why these people just love war?


ANSWER: I don’t know. It seems that these Neocons are just always trying to create wars. They can’t sleep at night without worrying about what other people are doing. My concern is that come January 2023; things will get much worse. Zelensky is a Neo-Nazi who just hates Russians and he is in bed with the Neocons and does NOTHING but try to create World War III. Zelensky has been bought and paid for and pushes the world into war so these people can implement all the tyrannical measures governments and the World Economic Forum have ever dreamed of. That’s what a real Young Global Leader of Schwab was trained to do. They will impose global digital IDs and claim that they are necessary to prevent Russian spies from infiltrating. They will also use them for rationing, especially with regard to food. They are calling for “equality” deliberately instigating race wars to keep the people divided. Then they use climate change as the excuse to impose a one-world government all because a single nation cannot win this fictional battle alone.

Japanese Poster FDR War

We are living in the midst of deliberate manufacturing of World War III, no different than every other war. Just as FDR imposed outrageous sanctions on Japan even seizing all Japanese assets and cutting off their energy supply all to compel them to attack Pearl Harbor to start the Pacific War and justify entering WWII. The US not only seized all Japanese assets in America, they then just imprisoned all Japanese even those born in America in a plain racist move. Their view of FDR was ruthless and there were even Congressional investigations into whether or not FDR deliberately created war with Japan finding it was “inconclusive” which neither exonerated him nor found him guilty. President Truman issued an executive order to withhold all evidence that the US had broken the Japanese code and as such knew in advance of Pearl Harbor. So once again, the government lied to the American people.

Then there was Lydon Johnson who started the Vietnam War, admitting we were never attacked. You can’t forget the weapons of mass destruction that never existed in Iraq or Obama’s attempt to start a war against Syria also on false flags of chemical attacks. Our leaders have NEVER told the American people the truth even just once about their constant desire to create wars.

Putin will most likely regroup and dig in taking the Donbas. Zelensky has no intention of peace talks for if he actually agreed to let Crimea and Donbas go complying with the Belgrade and Minsk Agreements, then there would be no reason for any sanctions against Russia which Washington will not support. This is a dog and pony show as always, and Zelensky will do everything possible to create World War III for they need to defeat Russia and China for the Great Reset.

Schwab 2030 Overthrow USA 1

I fear that this will get much worse in 2023, and sources in the military are deeply concerned over China’s supersonic missiles, which are a first-strike weapon that the US could not stop. If China and Russia were really seeking world dominance as the co-conspirators with the World Economic Forum, they would take out Washington, New York, London, Brussels, and Geneva in a rapid first strike before the West could even retaliate. These people want all sovereignty to be surrendered to the United Nations and thus the military power with all nukes will be in the hands of the United Nations and the deranged egotistical co-conspirators of Schwab and his World Economic Forum which is perhaps the greatest threat to human civilization. That’s why they needed a senile Joe Biden to just read the teleprompter.

Biden has destroyed the world economy, or the people writing these executive orders. There will NEVER be a return to normal. Removing Russia from SWIFT set China in motion to launch CHIPS and this is the END of globalization and world peace. Once nations are decoupled from trade, then there is no longer the worry of biting the hand that feeds them. This is simply how the co-conspirators of the World Economic Forum are planning to bring about their Great Reset. The only way to “reset” the world economy is to destroy it FIRST – then you get to BUILD BACK BETTER. These egotistical maniacs who think they can redesign the world as Karl Marx attempted, think they will terminate paper money, move to a digital currency, end black markets, and tax every transaction right down to an allowance you give your children to cut the grass each week.

Biden Reafirm Putin must go

However, I do not believe that they thought there would be a nuclear war. Imposing sanctions on Russia was all to create Regime Change no matter how much the handlers try to take back Biden’s declarations – “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” Biden has claimed we are headed into a long hard war “between democracy and autocracy, between liberty and repression, between a rules-based order and one governed by brute force.

Aside from the fact that neither the United States nor Europe lives in a Democracy when we only vote for “representatives,” which is a Republic, Biden proclaimed in Warsaw that “we must commit now to be in this fight for the long haul.” This is a major shift and it will only end implicitly by defeating Russia and China in their mind. This is the INTENTIONAL creation of World War III no different than FDR crushing Japan with sanctions to force them into war.

It is clear that the sanctions have only one purpose – Regime Change in Moscow. Not only has Biden constantly called Putin a war criminal and moved to try to initiate proceedings to prosecute Russian perpetrators of war crimes in Ukraine, but he has closed the door if not slammed it shut ending any possible resolution or restoring communications on a respectful basis. There is no question that the US and Europe are aiming to get rid of Putin and then Xi. Governments are failing unable to issue bonds continually, and they need this New World Order to shift the burden to the United Nations to govern the world.

Stalin The Purge

Putin is NOT Stalin for Stalin would have used hypersonic nukes by now. Putin is NOT on their agenda but he now understands where this is all headed. The outrageous sanction Biden imposed on Putin right down to his children is uncivilized and intentionally directed at creating Regime Change. There are Neocons in Russia and China and they are screaming for war. Remove Putin and you will get the followers of Stalin seeking to even the score.



Even Hillary Clinton compares Ukraine to Afghanistan and believes they can defeat Russia by a combination of attrition in Ukraine and sanctions on the Russian people – not just the government. Hillary and the Neocons believed a political crisis in Moscow is possible, comparable to the one that dissolved the Soviet Union. However, they fail to comprehend that the abuse of always attacking Russians and their culture has turned the Russian population not against Putin, but the West. While we do not judge all Germans to be Hitler, or Italians to be supporters of Mussolini, when it comes to Russians, the West hates them as a people and attributes Stalin to all Russians who were never even Russians and his #1 was Polish. They seized Russia and turned it authoritarian against the dreams of Lenin.

Putin is not some Middle Eastern despot who they could topple, promoting the Iraq War and the Arab Spring. Russia has been assaulted on an individual level, and Russia does possess weapons of mass destruction. They have the largest arsenal of nuclear warheads in the world. No doubt, they too have chemical and biological weapons just like the Americans.

2022_04_04_Economist CoverThose who proclaim that Ukraine must win seem to forget that the worse things go for Russia in conventional warfare, the higher the probability rises that Putin will respond with serious weapons. Ukraine may not have been inside NATO, but NATO trained the Ukrainian army. Putin now understands that and has suffered serious losses due to the weapons that were handed to Ukraine against the Belgrade Agreement of Neutrality.

China’s supersonic missiles can take out the United States faster than it can respond. The Belgrade Agreement of 1991 was supposed to ensure that Ukraine would remain neutral. The 2014 Minsk Agreement was supposed to allow the Donbas to separate as its own independent republic. It has been Zalensky who has sought to overturn both – not Putin.

Zelensky promised to reduce the tensions with Russia, for even CNN said back in 2019 that “Ukraine has been locked in a proxy war with Russia for five years, and the conflict has claimed around 13,000 lives in the country’s east.” Of course, now nobody will report the truth that the United States has been fueling this civil war in Ukraine all to stab Russia in the gut – the hated enemies of the Neocons who see all Russians as Stalin.

Interestingly, the Kremlin was hopeful that Zelensky would end the proxy war of the United States against Russia. His predecessor, Poroshenko, was seen as pro-war. In fact, CNN also reported that Russia was optimistic. They wrote:

“There are chances to improve Ukraine’s interaction with our country,” Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on Facebook. “What is needed for this? Honesty. And we need a pragmatic and responsible approach.

CNN also reported that the polls were very high at that time for anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine.

As the Tribune Reported: The IMF had agreed to a $5 billion standby arrangement with Kyiv a year ago. $2.1 billion of that was disbursed quickly, but subsequent tranches have been withheld. The IMF is demanding progress on judicial and legal reforms, guarantees of central bank independence, and an end to heavily-subsidized energy prices. Other lenders, including the European Union, have also made new credits contingent on reforms. The United States has also criticized the pace of reforms. Ukraine is just hopelessly corrupt, and changing the head of state will NEVER clean house.

Zelensky believed that goal here of the US and its allies is to overthrow Putin. In his mind, Zelensky tried to attack targets inside Russia hoping that would force Russia to be more aggressive, and in turn that would bring in NATO. Zelensky has been doing everything he can to avoid peace and escalate the conflict. Those that think this will force Putin to resign are flirting with real danger. Putin is the most RESTRAINED of the top guys in power in Russia and removing Putin will guarantee World War III for the others clearly understand this is really a “TOTAL WAR” with the United States as the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has stated and the Ukrainians are just cannon fodder.

Zelensky is happy to sacrifice his own people for the agenda of the World Economic Forum. He has even supported attacking the Russian language but also Zelensky has been proposing the draft Law of Ukraine No. 7204 of March 22, 2022 “On Banning the Moscow Patriarchate on the Territory of Ukraine”, published on the VR website. Zelensky is doing everything he can to create war with Russia. Zelensky has supported the Ukrainian Nazis who have even bragged that they feed the bones of Russian-speaking children to their pet wolves and has called this guy a hero.

Then there are those who merely dismiss the risk of World War III preferring to overlook this stark reality that this is a Neocon war against Russia that will then turn against China backed by the World Economic Forum. They seem to think that threatening China with the same sanctions will prevent them from joining Putin. They are counting on China being stupid and assuming they will continue as normal if Russia falls. They know they will be next.

Back during the Cold War days, NATO surmised that it could not even hope to win a conventional war with the Soviet Union. That was why NATO relied on tactical nuclear weapons as a deterrent to prevent Russia from marching into Western Europe. Putin knows that today there is no chance of winning a conventional war with NATO and it too relies on nuclear weapons. Putin was NOT interested in conquering Ukraine. His mistake was being soft and his historical view that Kyiv was the mother country. The hardliners view that Putin has been soft and should have aggressively wiped out the Ukrainians. The danger will be any Regime Change in Russia and that may just wipe out the plans of the Neocons in league with Schwab.



The Kremlin has already made the argument that such an attack upon Russia is underway and this was deliberately using the civil war in Ukraine to compel Putin to defend the Donbas when he knew it was funded by the United States as always with their Proxy wars. The Russian foreign ministry has made it very clear: “Such statements from the American president, unworthy of a statesman of such high rank, put Russian-American relations on the verge of rupture.” Biden is clearly engaging in the typical Neocon rhetoric of DEMONIZING your opponent.

The Kremlin has described the comments as “personal insults” against Putin. Indeed, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov took aim at the sanctions the United States and other countries have imposed on Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine, saying he believes that the West has declared “total war” on Russia and he is correct. Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of Russia’s Security Council, stated on Feb. 21, that “in its doctrinal documents, the United States calls Russia an enemy” and its goal is “none other than the collapse of the Russian Federation.” On March 16, Putin stated that the West was waging “a war by economic, political, and informational means” of “a comprehensive and blatant nature.

Ukraine ECM

Russia will regroup and move to defend the Donbas which was the original goal, and Zelensky has acknowledged that he will not try to invade Donbas thereby leaving Biden’s sanctions never-ending and thus destroying the world economy. Zelensky refuses to relinquish the Donbas or Crimea, and by doing this, he will prolong the sanctions against Russia and hope Russia just collapses while using his own people as cannon fodder. But our models point to January and April of 2023, and it appears that there will be a resurgence of war in 2023. We will be doing a special report on this, for it does not look to be a bright future beyond 2022. The US Neocons indeed declared outright war on Russia and they understand that Ukraine is just cannon fodder for sport.

It is up to Ukrainians to Save the World by removing Zelensky from Power and simply releasing the Donbas & Crimea. Only that will stop the Neocons from this global assault on all our lives.