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The Neocons are on Both Sides & They Always Want War

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QUESTION: Do you think Putin is a victim?


ANSWER: No, I think he has been played like a fiddle. Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, has come out and said:

“This is not about Ukraine at all, but the world order. The current crisis is a fateful, epoch-making moment in modern history. It reflects the battle over what the world order will look like.”

There is no black and white. BOTH sides have their Neocons who just always want war. Their lives are filled with hate. While the Neocons have control of the Biden Administration, make no mistake about it, the Neocons behind Putin want far more aggressiveness than what Putin has shown. They would nuke Kyiv in the blink of an eye as a warning to the West. Three high ranking people have all come out and threatened nuclear war. The #2 guy has praised Stalin’s Great Purge as necessary. Remove Putin, and you just may get someone far worse. Stalin could kill 10 million people in an afternoon and go celebrate with a fine dinner, caviar, and wine.

The Neocons know that getting you to hate Putin, they can use that to justify war. There is no justice in war. Even Wikipedia includes that Vietnamese never fired on us and Johnson remarked after lying to the nation that for all he knew, they were shooting at wales. That was a proxy war for they hated Communists. We lost over 50,000 boys for their games. Communism fell of its own inefficiencies – not because of Neocons who still hate China and Russia.

There was no Weapons of Mass Destruction to justify Iraq, nor did the Spanish blow up the Maine. Even Hearst told Fredrick Remington that if he supplied the photos, Hearst would create the war.

We have been plagued by people ON BOTH SIDES who are filled with hatred and just want to annihilate their opponent. I can scream all I want. I have tried to defeat my own computer and have been unable to do so even once.

If they have you hating Putin, that is their goal for they need that hatred to justify a Declaration of War which can only come from Congress. Once they get that, the missiles will fly. So be careful, they will appeal to your sense of justice that Putin should be punished, but that entails far more than they imagine. They NEVER think beyond that objective. They removed Saddam and created ISIS who he kept in check. They waged their war antics against Libya and Syria.They just always need to hate someone – that is what has consumed them.