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The Scheme behind the Great Reset

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As the press covered Zelnensky’s professional speech carried out by his acting training, he continued to try to pull on the heartstrings of the American people to further the hatred of Putin and to wage World War III. He knows what he is asking for and he is not stupid. Zelensky said on March 16 that World War III may have already started amid the Russia–Ukraine conflict. He is desperately trying to create World War III. This will end up nuclear and he is no hero, and the press had better start doing some real investigative work before it is too late.

Bandarea Nazi

Bandara MonumentThe National Hero of Ukraine in Zelensky’s mind is Stephan Bandera who was a Ukrainian Nazi in whose name they massacred hundreds of Jews, Poles, and Russians with the same philosophy of ethnic purity. The Ukrainian Nazis were protected by the CIA and the Neocons BECAUSE they also hated Russians. The German Nazis were put on trial but the US covered up the Ukrainian Nazis because they hated Russians and that warranted their partnership.


Bandera’s monument stands in Ukraine not as a Nazi war criminal, but as a national hero. The Jews who hunted down Nazis who fled never knew the full story about the Ukrainian Nazis who the US protected.

The money that was behind Zelensky for his career came from an oligarch linked to George Soros who did what he could to make sure Zelensky knows that his repeated call for the U.S. to enforce a no-fly zone over Ukraine will not spare his country – it will result in its total destruction. That will be an all-out war between the United States and Russia which will drag in China and North Korea as well as in the Balkans from Serbia and Belarus just for starters. Iran will love to join the party against the West and you can bet that will result in bombs falling on Israel.



Even the latest James Bond movie was about bioweapons that can target an individual or a specific ethnicity. This is why Macron refused to take a COVID test in Russia because that would give them his DNA. The Biolabs the US has been running on the border of Russia in Ukraine and China are alleged to be engaged in creating such bioweapons. The US denies that but they also refuse to allow international observers to inspect these facilities – 130 in total.

George Soros in fact acknowledged in an interview with CNN that he actively contributed to the overthrow of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in 2014. He said:

“I created a foundation in Ukraine before it became independent from Russia. The foundation has functioned since then and has played an important role in current events,”

Soros supported  Volodymyr Zelensky for President and his friend secretly financed Zelensky – the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. It was Kolomisky whose name surfaced in the Pandora Papers investigation, which was uncovered tracing money laundering by more than 600 journalists. The worldwide probe by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), included work by journalists from the Ukrainian as well. They connected the financial dealings of Zelensky’s television production company Studio Kvartal 95 to the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Today, Kolomoisky is a person of interest in investigations in Ukraine, Britain, and the United States. However, now that Zelensky is being portrayed as a hero standing against Putin, none of this will see the light of day.


Now we have Soros out in force claiming that China in league with Russia will “destroy our civilization” when in fact Zelensky is the puppet pushing desperately for World War III so the Neocons can wage war against China and Russia and they think they will get to then usher in the Great Reset and restart the world monetary system all over again with the United Nations as the one-world governing body.

So while everyone cheers Zelensky, they have no idea what cost there will be in getting involved in Ukraine. Zelensky could have easily saved his country by just ending the idea of joining NATO, allowing the two provinces to vote on the separation as was in the Minsk Agreement of 2014, and end all claims to Crimea which was historically Russian territory that was simply assigned to Ukraine for governorship under the Soviet Union. Ukraine was never its own country before the Soviet Union.

This is all being well played and they are desperate for the people to plead for war and that will be the crowning glory for the Great Reset – a completely new world order they get to create with their BUILD BACK BETTER agenda which by definition requires destroying the status quo first.