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Living in the Past – Stalin v Lenin

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Lenin Stalin

I live in Finland/Helsinki. The Soviet Union attacked Finland in 1939, Stalin was one who arranged a false flag in Manila. A lot of Finnish soldiers and civilians died. But we survived. We Finnish people know Russians extremely well. It is a historical fact that Russians always arrange false flags and try to slave other nations and people. And that is happening just now in Ukraine. Putin attacked Ukraine and he is trying to slave Ukraine.
Best Regards from Finland


REPLY: It is important to not judge a country by its leaders. There are always left and right in every country and no country enjoys 100% approval of its people. Just look at the United States. There are ONLY three presidents who won with 60% or more, FDR’s 1st term, Johnson following Kennedy’s assassination, and Richard Nixon who promised to end Vietnam. All others won with just a few points over 50%. In the 2008 Election of Obama v McCain scored his victory with just 52.9%.


If you are going to Judge Russia by its past, it is best to at least understand its history. For the record, even Lenin warned not to put Stalin in charge. It may shock you, but Stalin was not a Russian and his henchman was Polish. This is why scholars have debated was the Russian Tsar murdered with his family by leaders who were not Russian?

It is wrong to judge Russia by Stalin and today the powers that be just hate the Russian people and attribute everything to Putin. It is essential to also understand that there is a left and a right in Russia that still prevails today and Putin is a moderate that if ignored by the West, will drive Russia into the hands of the extreme right.

We MUST understand history for there has always been a question of where Russia begins and ends territorially and who actually constitutes the Russian people. These questions have been debated by Russian scholars themselves for decades post-Russian Revolution which ended more than 300 years of tsarist rule that was linked to Western Europe. Believe it or not, Putin is NOT trying to resurrect the Soviet Union for that was not even the vision of Lenin – but Stalin. Putin has been critical of Lenin, Laus Schwab’s idol, and he has not attempted to impose the authoritarian rule of Stalin.

Lenin Valdimir Returns to Russia
At first, Lenin was revered as the architect of the new Russia. He was the elder statesman of the Bolshevik revolution. Stalin, on the other hand, was what we would call a Neocon. He was the ambitious party leader with visions of absolute authoritarian control. The two clashed not only over their political vision for Russia but also on a very personal level hurling insults steeped in grudges. It was this battle that actually proved to be too much for Lenin resulting in his premature death.

The conflict between these two Russian leaders reached a climax in the last days of December 1922. This is when 2,000 delegates from all over the former Russian empire gathered together in Moscow to create a new state which would become the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The vision of this new state was starkly different between the two men. There were republics of Ukraine, Belarus, and Transcaucasia, which were formally independent of Russia. When Georgy Chicherin, the Soviet Russian commissar for foreign relations, signed the treaty with Germany where each surrendered their claims against the other for war reparations in July 1918, there was a problem of unity. Ukraine and Belarus were independent before 1919 but were then overrun by the Bolsheviks in 1919. They had objected to forgiving Germany.

Ukraine and Belarus took the position that the Russian authorities had no right to speak on behalf of Ukrainian and Belarus. In Georgia, there too they objected insisting that their rights as members of an independent republic were violated. This is was ultimately set in motion the birth of the final version of the Soviet Union.

Felix DzerzhinskyIt was in August of 1922 when Joseph Stalin created a special commission to recommend a new political model of relations between the Communist Party’s Central Committee, Russia, and the republics. Stalin’s proposal was called the “autonomization of the republics” whereby the formally independent republics would be incorporated into the Russian Soviet Federation with rights of autonomy. However, the Russian Federation would become the central authority subordinating the formally independent republics. This resulted in a rebellion with the Georgians-led revolt against Stalin’s model. They were joined by the Ukrainians and Belarusians.

This conflict between Lenin’s vision of a union more akin to the United States model and Lenin’s vision of absolute central power resulted in a heated conversation with Feliks Dzerzhinsky, who was the head of the secret police and a supporter of Stalin. Stalin and many of his supporters, such as Ordzhonikidze and Dzerzhinsky, were actually non-Russians. Stalin was Georgian and Dzerzhinsky was actually Polish. Interestingly, Felix Dzerzhinsky was remembered in St Petersburg on a Commemorative plaque dedicated him.

But the stroke prevented Lenin from taking any decisive steps against them. Two days later, a commission of party officials, led by Stalin, placed strict limitations on Lenin’s activities, effectively isolating him. They said the restrictions were designed to prevent the worsening of Lenin’s health. But they also served a political purpose.

Lenin could not attend the congress and he certainly did not trust Stalin. Consequently, the paralyzed Lenin dictated his famous thoughts on the nationality question in a document he sent to the party leadership. It was a letter titled “On the Question of Nationalities or ‘Autonomization.’” On December 31st, 1922, he attacked Stalin’s policies criticizing the rights provided to the republics by the Union treaty, deeming them inadequate to stop the rise of Great Russian nationalism. Lenin called this threat “great-power chauvinism.” Lenin saw these people as non-Russians who he did not trust and feared for the future of the Russian people.

Stalin v Lenin

Lenin believed that Stalin, who was not from Russia but Georgia, posed a major threat to Russia. He viewed Stalin’s dream of the USSR as a threat to the unity of the state which he was correct. Lenin’s idea of a union of independent states would be sustained by local autonomy taking into account their local customs. Lenin was prepared to replace the Union he had originally proposed with a looser association of states with the centralized powers to be confined to matters of defense and international relations exclusively. Lenin also maintained that the republics should retain the right of secession to prevent Stalin’s central dominance of authority.



I highly recommend watching the movie, Mr. Jones. While this will NOT show the battle between Lenin and Stalin, it will show the ruthlessness of Stalin that Lenin feared. But Stalin was NOT a Russian, but he has tarnished the reputation of all Russians ever since. It is ironic that Stalin was a Georgian, which is in the Caucuses bordering Turkey where they hate Russians for the very oppression of Stalin. This has been the debate with the question of where Russia begins and ends and who constitutes the Russian people?

Stalin Trust nobody

So, as you can see, this is a very complex subject. Putin is not a follower of Stalin whereas others behind him are. Putin is a Russian born in Leningrad. Consequently, we should be very careful what we wish for when it comes to Regime Change. Just maybe they know this as well and want Regime Change to ensure war. Very interesting indeed. We should NOT judge Putin by Stalin or all Russians for that matter any more than we judge all Germans by Hitler or Italians by Mussolini. It would be nice if the Neocons at least admitted that they too should not trust themselves.

That is the propaganda created by the Neocons who are still fighting against Stalin and they live for a war that kills off other people’s children. Putin is NOT Stalin, and just as no president in the United States has EVER won an election by more than 65% regardless of who counts the votes,  all Russians do not support Putin but they do love their country.

Dmytro Kotsyubaylo Wolf Pack

Putin has not made a single step to reestablish Stalin’s USSR. He had no intention of retaking Eastern Europe and Zelensky is a Ukrainian Neo-Natzi who just hates all Russian people which is why he refuses to let 30% of the country separate when they are NOT Ukrainian. Over 13,000 people died in this civil war against the Donbas BEFORE the Russian invasion. By Biden’s standards, Zelensky is also a war criminal. Zelensky’s hero, Dmytro Kotsyubaylo, did indeed tell the press that he feeds the bones of Russian-speaking children to his pet wolf. This is the man the West is cheering. The US never prosecuted the Ukrainian Neo-Natzis for killing Jews and Polish only because they also wanted ethnic cleansing killing all Russians.