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The Coming Referendum in Turkey to Consolidate More Power for Erdoğan

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A constitutional referendum is planned to be held in Turkey in in the Spring of 2017. A survey is showing that the people are not really in favor of handing endless power to the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Voters are expected to decide on amending 18 articles of the Constitution of Turkey. The amendments have been the established policy of the governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and its founder President Erdoğan. The amendments are to now include the introduction of an executive presidency that would replace the existing parliamentary system of government. Erdoğan want to abolition of the Office of the Prime Minister and assume more of a dictatorial position. He also intends to reform to the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors.

Erdoğan launched a purge of all the pro-US elements in Turkey and sold off his US holding of US bonds. True, this was in part to try to support the failing lira. But Erdoğan agenda is far from one of really merging with Europe or the USA. He has been crazy to the point of demanding punishment because of comments of TV people of Turkey in Germany. He has been very intolerant of criticism internationally. The coup, which is highly doubtful was real, appears more to be a purge of anyone who disagreed with him and might rise up in the future.

Turkey must also be on the watch list during 2017 – the Year from Political Hell.