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JP Morgan to Create Ukraine Fund

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2023_02_13 JP_Morgan Sgress tgo create Fund with_Ukraine_s_Zelenskyy_on_rebuilding_infrastructure

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, JP Morgan seems to be cutting a deal with Zelensky to create an infrastructure fund to rebuild Ukraine. How can they create such a fund when the war is ongoing? Something does not seem right. Is this another scam like FTX?


Ukraine ECM

ANSWER: Stay away from this fund. Do NOT invest 10 cents. Yes, you are correct, you do not repair the infrastructure when the war is still ongoing. That makes zero sense whatsoever. Worse still, Ukraine will not survive as a nation-state anyway. Zelensky makes sure he has enough stashed offshore to make his getaway when the curtain falls. They can hand them tanks and planes and NATO troops will really be the drivers. The West has ZERO regard for the Ukrainian people. If they cared about what was really going on, they would let Zelensky enter peace talks.



They will keep this war going until every Ukrainian is dead and then say they must be avenged. There will be NO Ukraine. Their dream of having their own sovereign state will vanish with the last breath of the last Ukrainian when they fall on the battlefield. This is a pointless war all for a strip of land that has been historically Russian for centuries.

Whatever money you invest in such a fund will be 100% lost.