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Greece – Cyprus – EU & Rise of the Neo-Ottoman Empire

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Erdogan Flags

COMMENT: Your article on “All Eyes on Greece” is very interesting.  A very similar story applies to Cyprus (the Greek side). My parents were from there and my cousins who live there frequently tell me stories of how bad things are becoming, not just from the EU stranglehold they are under but also the fear of the uprising tensions with the neo-Ottoman Empire that appears to be on the rise.  I feel I am so fortunate to be away from all the fuss yet I yearn to go and live there knowing we have our own problems bubbling away and the ensuing crises that are about to hit us here in Australia and the rest of the Western world. It’s sort of being between a rock and a hard place. For the time being of course it’s better to stay where I am but for how long? I suspect we have several more years to go before the real SHTF.



world bombREPLY: Yes. People do not read about the neo-Ottoman Empire that Erdoğan has been attempting to create. He has shut down freedom of speech and is moving in every possible direction toward a dictatorship. The crisis in Greece is just unimaginable and it is impacting Cyprus as well. I was called in by members of the government during the EU crisis. But the Prime Minister sold his country down the river in an effort to retain the euro. The coup in Turkey I believe was a staged event to create the excuse to purge the military before they could overthrow Erdoğan. Then we take the EU collapse and we have a meltdown on political stability throughout that region.

We just seem to have the most incompetent politicians running everything around the globe. The fuse has been lit and the question becomes – why can we hide?