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Erdogan Has His Boys Out Burning only $1 Bills for Propaganda

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Erdogan has his boys dressed in suits burning only a handful of US ONE DOLLAR bills as a nice propaganda piece. In truth, the Turkish people have been hoarding Dollars and Euros because they have lost all faith in their own currency. It is nice that Erdogan has a few people burning less than $100 for a video. All it shows is in fact that Erdogan is belligerent and he will put himself before the good of his own people.  He can pretend the people are burning dollars, but they are not cashing them in for lira. He is running around asking for help from France, Germany, Qatar, and anyone else with spare change.

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He remains in power as long as the military supports him. Their greatest fear is that if they stand up against him, will everyone follow or will the majority still support him and then they too are killed for trying to defend Turkey? He is losing the support of the Turkish people because of inflation and failed economic policies. This is an example of what is starting to appear on the internet against this guy. No doubt he would love to prosecute the person who made this and I could never visit Turkey until he is gone.