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Epstein’s Death – A Huge Fraud

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I am the ONLY person who can speak with any authoritative knowledge of 10 South – the “HOLE” where Jeffrey Epstein supposedly killed himself which is a joke! When they were taking my lawyers away, they did not want them to talk to me. They amazingly put me in 10 South with all the terrorists which is the MOST SECURE facility in New York City – PERIOD! They later said they had no idea how I got there. This is where the Feds love to torture people. Let me make a fundamental statement that nobody in the media talks about. They have a SPECIAL ROOM for people on suicide watch. Epstein was not in that cell. It has a large concrete bed with perhaps a 1-inch plastic mattress. Your hands and feet are tied so you cannot harm yourself. I was in the HOLE there not on criminal charges or anything – but in civil contempt of court t thrown in with the terrorists from the World Trade Center attack – the 1st one. I was not in the suicide cell – you knew that was the ultimate torture chamber.

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On July 25th, 2019, I warned that Epstein would NEVER be allowed to go to trial. They tried to kill me, but I survived after being in a coma for several days. This is what they do when they cannot take you to trial. Remember the torture they were doing in Abu Grab? The US pays professionals on how to torture. There would be nobody in Guantanamo Bay prison if they were guilty. They would put them on trial publically and pump up the press and the prosecutors would become famous and then run for political office. Their best case was put on trial and the jury found him innocent of over 200 charges and guilty of only one count of conspiracy.

Epstein would have been able to call everyone to the court as a witness. It would have been the most sensational trial in history – if real. There was no way he would be allowed to go to trial any more than There are still 40 detainees remaining at Guantanamo Bay. From inside sourced on Capitol Hill, I was told they tried to release them quietly but they were killed back home assuming they were converted to CIA spies. They have been completely denied Due Process of law and anything that remotely resembles human rights.

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The American Judicial System is nothing more than political persecutions. They NEVER thought I would have survived. Not a single mainstream press ever took note that HSBC pled guilty and returned all the money to my clients while pocketing $400 million in profit – the difference between $1 billion and what they paid $606 million..