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Unprecedented Power Grab

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COVID Power Grab


We are living not just in interesting times, we are living in UNPRECEDENTED TIMES, which has raised the stakes profoundly toward civil war. You have to wonder if someone like Bill Gates is really stupid with respect to economics, or is he deliberately trying to further the same agenda he supported for Climate Change – reduce population and shut down the industry?

You may have been laid off, struggling and hoping your employer will not fold, or you may be working from home and wondering if your employer will not cut jobs and leave you there eliminating offices. Then there is the home confinement which depends on whether or not you live in a Democratic state where they want 100% lockdown, fines, and/or imprisonment if you walk outside while telling neighbors to report on you as if this were East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Then there is the confinement with the family which many find stressful while schools are closed along with day-care-centers and caring for children 100%. The Republican States seems to be following generally just the social-distancing and allowing stores and restaurants to be open following guidelines of limiting the number of customers. Others find their families split forced to facetime, skype, or zoom as elderly relatives are trapped away from loved ones. Then there are those who know someone with COVID-19 or have found their parents go into a hospital for one thing expecting them to die and then they suddenly change the cause of death to COVID-19 out of the clear blue sky causing many to question what is really going on.

While we are all in prison since home confinement if a punishment inflicted by courts, we face the most amazing power grab in all recorded history thanks to socialism which authorizes the government to pretend to “care” for our well being as long it is profitable. This is one of the greatest rearrangements of power in modern history unfolding before our eyes—and governments are counting of scaring-the-hell out of people to ensure we’re too overwhelmed to do anything about it.

Legarde Christine

Since January, elites sold their entire stock and bond portfolios and went to cash. I know 100% that they were even tipped off to do so without necessarily outlining the objectives just stating there was this virus. Over the past weeks, governments have used this virus to expand their powers in unprecedented ways all in an amazing effort to save us from certain doom.

In Thailand, the government seized the power to censor the media. In South Korea, we find officials began using people’s cellphone, credit-card, and GPS records to track patients with COVID-19 in real-time, all to ensure they would know everyone’s contacts. Taiwan is tracking people under home quarantine in real-time. Other governments are using cellphone location data to monitor people’s movements. Taiwan has total, some 55,000 people are being kept at home through a “digital fence.”

euro digital electric

Meanwhile, Christine Legarde is pushing hard for the cancellation of the paper currency and move to digital. As head of the IMF, she personally threatened all the tax havens to give everyone up and even threatened the Vatican to remove it from the world monetary system unless they reveal all transfers.


Even in the land of the free and the home of the brave, the US Justice Department asked lawmakers for the power to request that defendants be detained indefinitely without trial during emergencies. The Democratic states are by far the worst. In Maryland, the headline: ‘We’re not playing around’: Maryland law enforcement prepared to arrest people who defy coronavirus shutdown. In other words, they will throw you in prison to protect you where there can be no social distancing. Is this just stupidity? Or is this abuse of power to intentionally destroy the economy?

Fauci Anthony

Anthony Fauci was asked by host Anderson Cooper on CNN in an effort to undermine Trump: “Knowing the science, does it make sense to you that some states are still not issuing stay-at-home orders? I mean, whether there should be a federally mandated directive for that or not, I guess that’s more of a political question, but just scientifically, doesn’t everybody have to be on the same page with this stuff?” Fauci is clearly in the pocket of Bill Gates and is systematically trying to shut down the world economy to prevent a death that are a fraction of those who die by the flu and less than those who die in car crashes.


2019 CDC Flu

In 2020, Fauci deliberately misleads Congress showing his dishonesty with the statistics. He compares the Coronavirus to the Flu claiming it is 10x more lethal because the death rate with the flu is only 0.1%. What he fails to point out that this number is based on 38 to 54 million people with the flu. He was comparing those hospitalized with Coronavirus at 3% down to 2% whereas those hospitalized with the flu have a mortality rate of 6%. He gas deliberately played with the numbers to create this crisis which was predetermined would be used to enforce political change.

Political Change Lecture

What is going on is VERY Dangerous. Fauci is bought and paid for and should be investigated. Bill Gates donated $100 million to Fauci’s NIH and $13.5 million to CDC. It was Bill Gates on February 28th who was already calling this a major pandemic ahead of everyone. The number of deaths is less than 10% of those caused annually by the flu. This does not add up to warrant the destruction of the economy which Fauci and Gates are advocating.

Fauci even opposed using the Malaria drug which doctors in the field have found to prevent deaths. He wanted a year of study before trying it while always supporting Bill Gates with his vaccine. Of course, Bill Gates said that his vaccine would first go to those only in the medical field, which probably included himself but if he doesn’t take it that you know its a fraud.


It appears Gates and Fauci intentionally wanted more people to die to help this political power grab. Gates was behind climate change and now a major donator and proponent of using a disease to achieve the same goals he advocated for Climate Change. Bill Gates is a socialist and is all about claiming INEQUALITY is what is the major issue in society. He wants to use his money to destroy our economy so that everyone is then equal? He is doing the same as George Soros. This is why I wrote Manipulating the World Economy and people have asked if Amazon is blocking it? No, they keep selling out. I wrote this because of the rumors behind the curtain and I was asked to please write the counter-arguments to this inequality dogma spread by Gates, Soros, and Pickety just to name a few. It has been Pickety who has manipulated data to support raising taxes to 80% to end the inequality!



In 2017, Fauci was already saying that the Trump administration would face a “surprise” pandemic because this has been staged. (A Partnership Georgetown University’s Center for Global Health Science and Security and Harvard University’s Global Health Institute Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration, Keynote Address was by Anthony Fauci).

This agenda leaked by Fauci in 2017 supported the entire Climate Change which Gates was also behind with his dire C02 forecasts that we had to reduce the population, but strangely we also need to end the inequality of wealth that has enabled him to fund a socialist grab for power. In a fake petition of 11,000 purported scientists who signed this claim that girls must stop having children was exposed to have among its signers, Mickey Mouse of the Institute for the Blind.

Gates Foundation

This was the same recommendation of Gates – reduce the population. Even Bill Gates’ push to put microchips in us all is really puzzling as to has all his money simply gone to his head? This whole ID2020 movement is just beyond belief. It has been Bill Gates calling for 10 more weeks of lockdown! Bill Gates resigned both from Microsoft and Warren Buffet’s boards. It is curious that he has helped to create probably an $80 billion loss for Buffett for his solutions will destroy both as the world economy implodes. Microsoft was worth $1.435 trillion on February 10th, and $1.115 trillion on March 23rd. Bill Gates helped to cause a $320 billion loss there. You can imaging with a $400 billion loss on the two companies where he was a board member, he would not be very popular. We will have to wait for his next SEC filing to see what he sold since his last filing as of February 14, 2020, with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. If he sold all or a major part of his 50 million shares in Berkshire after February 14th, 2020, he should be investigated and put in prison for manipulating markets. The government under existing law would then be entitled to confiscate all the wealth of the Gates Foundation.

Pelosi compares Trump to Nero

Then the Democrats have in one voice blaming every death on Trump and have used this to divide and conquer the American people. If Hillary had won, then they would NEVER have used this virus to seize power. Their Impeachment lost, RussiaGate lost, so they needed something that was more direct and a threat of IMMEDIATE death so they have manufactured COVID-19 turning it into the next Black Death.

Nancy Pelosi used this manufactured crisis to introduce a digital currency to eliminate cash, which Trump demanded was removed, and still, she has supported the introduction of legislation to take away guns (H.R.5717 – Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020). She claims Trump fiddled like Nero as Rome burned, but she delayed it for 2 days trying to get a digital currency stuffed in there while the same people died she has been blaming Trump for. They want to make sure people cannot fight back against subjugation by outlawing guns which they have been desperately trying to achieve just like the Russian people could never rise up being unarmed.

The onslaught against Trump is so intense, they are trying to stuff every bill possible with anti-democratic legislation now using this virus for the justification. This is conspiring against the very people they are supposed to represent.

Ferguson Neil

Even the study from Imperial College used by the politicians to start this crisis was bogus. It was born from a sex scandal but has been admitted was incorrect. It grossly overstated the threat to justify destroying the world economy. Neil Ferguson should be hauled out in handcuffs and put on trial for conspiring to overthrow the government.

Franklin Liberty

Using this virus as the excuse for emergency powers that are outright tyrannical is just astonishing. They claim that a state of emergency is justified if the threat is public, universal, and existential, and therefore they justify extraordinary powers to save the people by removing all liberty. They have intentionally destroyed the economy knowing full well that a huge proportion of small businesses will be forever lost. They seek to ensure that the people will be dependent upon the government and accept subjugation as was the case with the Communist Revolutions.

There is absolutely NO HISTORICAL evidence that once powers are seized in peacetime they are ever relinquished without revolution. States have NEVER given back powers of this magnitude for all we need to look at is the 9/11 terrorist attacks. TSA and money-laundering regulations reduced the $10,000 to $3,000 if you try to wire money to an individual. You can no longer hop on a plane with more than $10,000 in cash even on domestic flights. Whatever personal liberties we believed we once had are surrendered during an emergency and what has been done here with lockdown is now precedent for the future.

There is absolutely no evidence that this virus poses such a monumental threat that it warrants the shutting down of the economy and the surrender of all our liberties. The annual flu kills 10x more than this virus, but the media is so on board with this plot against the people the TRUTH is also a casualty of this virus. Why do journalists hate us so much? They were supposed to defend us but they are just playing for a seat at the table throwing scraps to the people and enjoying their power. They fail to even understand the world they are advocating for their own children. Do they realize what INEQUALITY economically really means?

Patrick Hen ry


It is becoming painfully obvious that we are facing an unprecedented battle for our liberty. Google is aiding the Democrats allowing them to use the virus to scare the hell out of the people in this desperate attempt to lead the uninformed to blame Trump for everything so they can seize the country and raise taxes back to 70-90%. People have asked WHY Socrates has forecast that China will become the Financial Capital of the World? If you cannot see what is happening, just go back to NETFLIX and enjoy the confinement.

Fairness Doctrine R

Stephenson Randall 1024x676Trump has been trying desperately to fight back, but the Fake News is so intent upon overthrowing our way of life it is not a battle easily won. As a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY, he should immediately restore the FCC rule of the Fairness Doctrine and extend it to the print media and to social media such as Facebook, Apple, and of course Google. If he does NOT do this, all our freedoms are in danger of extinction.

AT&T is the ultimate owner of CNN. Everyone should write to the chairman of AT&T Randall Lynn Stephenson to defend your liberty and one should question was he one of the elites who sold everything in January as many did after that January 2020 meeting in Switzerland?

This has been an unprecedented power grab and our future will never be the same. Crime will rise SUBSTANTIALLY and the threat to life and property will be far worse than any virus. They know this, and then Phase II will be emergency power to restore the order that they destroyed.

Everyone should write to their respective Republican Representative and demand an investigation into this sordid group pf characters. This is our future and the Democrats are simply on board to overthrow Trump and may NOT even be aware of the larger agenda. Unfortunately, they will never investigate if it is against their personal interests in the 2020 election.