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The Emerging COVIDGate Conspiracy

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Bill Gates is calling for 10 more weeks of Lockdown in his Op-ed in, of course, the Washington Post. He is becoming a very dangerous man. The jobs lost and the destruction of the world economy is unbelievable. This has been an agenda behind the curtain since January. Anthony Fauci told CNN that effectively Trump is wrong and the whole country should be locked-down which will unquestionably destroy livelihoods and small businesses that will take 11 years to reconstruct from what our models are showing. Google is joining the conspiracy to destroy the economy allowing Democrats to scare the public with virus advertisements. Many assume that the elections can be postponed. Trump does not have that power and the Democrats are trying to bury Bernie.

The damage they have done is BEYOND description. They are DELIBERATELY destroying jobs for a covert agenda. The Prime Minister of Australia back in January was talking about a lockdown until June. Here we have this very agenda being pitched by Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci who is appearing to be more and more his puppet on a string against the American people and naturally Donald Trump.



George Sorors has been steadily in favor of socialism. Very strange for someone who had to flee such authoritarian regimes. Soros has been a top funder of the Democratic Party and said he would give his entire fortune to prevent George Bush from becoming President. Between Gate’s foundation and Soros’ Open Society Foundations, there is a major funding effort to kill Democracy when it opposes their agenda.

There is a very clever 5G spin going around to blame this on technology. This is really a deliberate distraction so people will not look at the agenda and blame technology when this virus exists in the 2018/2019 flu season and seems to have been deliberately hyped. The 5G stories will be used to seize industry all to save the people and the planet. Whatever the radiation impact of that has is not connected to this virus. It is deliberately being used to support this political agenda.