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The Last Republican

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Republican Party

Over the weekend, Ron DeSantis dropped out of the presidential race to support a Trump victory. Trump replied that he is retiring the “DeSanctimonious” nickname indefinitely. DeSantis pulled a Ramaswamy by exiting the race before facing off against Trump AND his supporters.  “It’s clear to me that a majority of Republican primary voters want to give Donald Trump another chance,” DeSantis said. This now leaves Nikki Haley as Trump’s main opposition.

The support for Trump is so overwhelming that the media can’t stifle it. So now there are two serious candidates left in the GOP race, and ironically, neither are Republicans. We all know that Trump was initially a Democrat before the party tried to mask socialism with democracy. Haley was installed by the establishment, and her policies do not represent the views of Republican voters.

Haley spent hundreds of millions advertising in Iowa before losing. In the video above, she explains to a concerned voter that politicians must use advertising, or propaganda, to manipulate the media. Haley is the establishment’s trojan horse. Let us not forget that Haley was once an ambassador for the United Nations, the same agency promoting this idea of a one-world government.

This is why she once said she would back Biden for reelection before supporting Trump. Most conservative voters see the nation in disrepair and would not vote for the current administration under any circumstances. Interestingly, a recent poll in Iowa conducted by NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom shows that Haley’s supporters would back Biden if she dropped out of the race.

Forty-three percent of Haley supporters said they would vote for Biden over Trump. Only eleven percent of Republicans overall said they would support Trump if their candidate lost. This is why countless Democrats are switching to the Republican party to back Nikki Haley. Her entire platform is built on defeating Trump. “I am more officially a Democrat who used to be a Republican and have kind of switched over, and basically I’m wanting to caucus in Iowa for the least of the worst,” one voter told NBC, adding, “I find many of the other candidates dangerous.”

It is quite ironic that these uninformed voters find the only anti-war candidate dangerous. Haley is the most pro-war neocon candidate on the stage, even surpassing any restraints shown by the Biden Administration. It was Haley who said she wanted to turn the Department of Defense into the Department of Offense and wants to release the troops on day one in office. She wants to spend MORE on providing Ukraine and Israel foreign aid and will raise taxes on Americans to do so.


She also supports the civil unrest that divides the nation. Nikki Haley supported the Black Lives Matter riots. Nikki approved of the ongoing riots, stating, “In order to heal, it needs to be personal and painful for everyone.” Haley insists America is “not a racist country,” but told a very different tale while running for governor when she wanted to be the state’s first minority female governor.

Where does she stand on censorship? She wants every internet user to be tracked, with their data compiled into a central database. She would rush to create DPI for Americans and hand it over to the globalists. A vote for Haley is a vote for war and a one-world government.

Trump is the last real Republican candidate left in the race. Kennedy should have been considered a serious candidate, but the media refused to give him air time and spun all of his talking points into conspiracy theories. The man is simply trying to avoid being assassinated while on the campaign trail. The people were comfortable under Trump and want him back in office. The 2024 US Presidential Election is no longer Democrat v Republican but the Establishment v the people.