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Nikki Haley the Democrat’s Trojan Horse

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Tucker Uncensored Nikki HaLEY


Tucker does an excellent job of exposing Nikki Haley. She is the Democrat’s Trojan Horse. They are trying desperately to put Trump in prison. This is the scuttlebutt after his Iowa victory, which shook the Democrats right to the core since they knew Biden was hopeless. But what most people do not know is that this was the very strategy that won Trump the nomination for 2016. Trump beat 17 Republican rivals because CNN and others were focusing on Trump because they BELIEVED that Hillary would be able to defeat him with ease. It was CNN and others of the far-left side that were always giving Trump airtime, assuming he would lose.

2016 PresElection Copy

They are doing this again. The Democrats are the funder of Haley, and the press will champion her above Trump, and they are trying to ensure that Trump is sentenced to prison BEFORE the election short of assassinating him. At the same time, our computer projected a Trump victory. Three out of four models projected a Trump victory, and the fourth was a dead heat.

Trump v Hillary

The media was all anti-Trump, and they were sure their power would prevail. The press was in a state of shock when Trump won. More than 200 newspapers supported Clinton, while Trump received the backing of fewer than 20. By bashing Trump constantly, they gave him a free press. They are preparing to do the same thing again with Nikki Haley, yet this time, it is intentional. They are seeking to “influence” the election by pushing Haley down everyone’s throat non-stop.

Broadcasters have faced some criticism after cutting off Trump’s election victory speech in Iowa, demonstrating that the media is on board with interfering in the 2024 election. This will only fulfill our computer’s forecast of serious civil unrest that will erupt after these elections, which the people will not accept REGARDLESS of who wins.

Then, former British Secret Intelligence Service head Sir Richard Dearlove said in an interview with SkyNews on Sunday that a Trump reelection would be “problematic” for the United Kingdom due to the former president’s issues with NATO. Trump is anti-war, and every European leader cannot wait to start World War III. One source joked that they need to eliminate the unfunded pensions for the future.