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Iowa – Democrats Supporting Haley

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Message: Anecdotal Information
I live in Iowa and wanted you to know that my Caucus site had gobs and gobs of Democrats come in and change registration to vote. Everyone I talked with voted for Haley in this case. If this was consistent across the state, the real numbers here are much, much lower.

REPLY: A vote for Killi Haley is a vote to send your children to die on a foreign battlefield. She is a Neocon, which is why the Democrats are pushing her to promote World War III. To imply that Hamas invaded Israel on Putin’s birthday as some present is just too much. It was Iran that provided the intelligence to Hamas, and Israel knew about the attack. Egypt, which is an ally of Putin, warned Israel about the attack, but it was ignored. Our sources state that 40% of the invasion force was non-Palestinians. Truth is always the first victim in war and politics.

Challenges have plagued election officials nationally to remove Trump from the ballot to “save democracy” by preventing Trump as a candidate. There are now some 60 petitions being filed across the country. This is all hinging on the Supreme Court to rule.