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Haley wants a Department of Offense

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Nikki Haley has made it clear that should would lead America straight into a nuclear war if elected president. She told Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to “finish them” and proposed an all-out genocide as the solution to the conflict. “I say this to Prime Minister (Benjamin) Netanyahu: Finish them. Finish them. Hamas did this. You know Iran is behind it. Finish them,” she shouted, urging for an immediate escalation by including Iran and later China. Now, Haley believes that the Department of Defense should be changed to the Department of Offense.

America is seen as the aggressor in China and Russia. The Middle East believes America is the aggressor in the Israel-Palestine war, and has been since it sends billions off to Israel each year to fund their military. There can be no peace with a Neocon in charge. Haley mentions nothing of the near 5,000 people who have died in the past few weeks alone.

Hamas released two American hostages last week, and Haley is discouraging the safe release of the others through diplomatic negotiations. Does she want Hamas to kill off their remaining bargaining chips? “But let me tell you what I told the Biden administration today: Don’t fall for it,” Haley said. “… They are doing this to earn favor with America because they want to try and look good in the eyes of America. Don’t fall for it.”

Half of these 2024 US Presidential candidates speak more on foreign affairs than anything happening at home. Let us remember that America has not actively declared war, and no one is encroaching on US soil besides the millions of illegals we purposely allowed in. She is another America Last mindless political drone spewing globalist fantasies. “We’ve got to be smart, and we’ve got to be ready,” she said. “I’m tired of talking about a Department of Defense. I want a Department of Offense. Every enemy needs to fear us,” the Neocon demanded.

She is utterly clueless. The world sees that America has all the military might and funding. The world no longer fears America because we A) have extremely weak leadership and B) a completely divided nation. It matters not if we double funding the DoD because our commander-in-chief is senile, and those pulling the strings are incapable of bipartisan relations, let alone foreign relations. A staunch Neocon like Haley is incapable of thinking of the lives on the line or the repercussions of provoking our enemies. She should drop out of the race entirely if she wants any foreign nation to fear us once again as America needs a level-headed adult capable of tactful and strategic relations at this volatile point in history.