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Defunding the Police Movement

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QUESTION: Marty; How can people actually support defunding the police? I don’t understand how any rational person can support that even when there have been incidents of police brutality.


Dirt under the rug

ANSWER: You have to really pick up the rug to see all the dirt and connections. This is part of this entire movement to force the elimination of all paper money and compel everyone into the digital world. There is Gate’s agenda linking his vaccines and digital IDs and then there will be passports required to even leave your home proving you are vaccinated. Then there are chips to be inserted for birth control which somehow I suspect will be subject to control by the state and a permit will be required to even have a child since Gate and his crew is obsessed with the population reduction.

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There has been an ongoing drive to create robots for the military. They have been experimenting with Nanotechnology to create the next soldier. I have warned that this technology has been highly sought after. I have been asked if I would be interested in an AI project for a private contractor for the government. I politely declined. Beware the real political threat always comes from within. The future of the military and eventually police is to replace the boots on the ground with robots.

Duke Robotics has come out now with drones that carry machine-guns years ago. This video shows really the future of war and police domestically. It has been reported that China is selling its killer robots to the Middle East. These things will simply kill every human on the battlefield. This is clearly changing the face of warfare and the serious concern is that these things will one day be deployed in civil unrest situations.

If we have machines that enforce laws or replace soldiers in battle, this is actually the greatest wish-list governments have had for centuries. The power of any government rests upon its military to back it. Make no mistake about this, the United States has also staged exercises using the military to launch an assault on American cities. Even the EU has been conducting military/police exercises in case of civil war breaks out inside Europe.



I have written many times that the playbook on using the military against civilians to protect the government goes back to the Nika Riots of 532 ADThere were two rival political factions in the empire, the Blues and the Greens, who started a riot in January 532AD during a chariot race in the hippodrome. The riots stemmed from many grievances, and the people set fire to many public buildings. They even proclaimed a new emperor, Hypatius. Unable to control the mob, Emperor Justinian and his officials prepared to flee. His wife, Theodora, spoke out against fleeing the capital. She took charge and ordered the loyal troops led by two reliable foreign officers outside of Constantinople, Belisarius and Mundus, to attack the demonstrators in the hippodrome located in the city. Troops inside Constantinople refused to attack their own people. The key was to use troops who were not local for they would defend the government and kill people they did not know. The lesson is you cannot use local troops who may not kill people they know, are family, or personal friends.


The Russian Revolution in 1991 where the Soviet Union collapsed took place all because the troops refused to fire on their own people. Boris Yeltsin (1931–2007) was a Russian politician who stood on the tank during the civil unrest insisting the army not fire upon Russians. This has been the lesson from the Nika Revolt of 562AD. Therefore, the government is VULNERABLE if the military refuses to kill the people on the orders of the politicians.

Bonus Army Tanks 2

Bonus Army Newspaper AccountIn the case of 1932, President Herbert Hoover authorized the military to clear out the Bonus Army composed of World War I veterans and their families. They even called in the tanks to use against the veterans. While this incident above all probably pushed the independents to Roosevelt and Hoover lost the election, once again, we see the risks of using the military against the people domestically. We see that Venezuela has held on because the military will kill its own people. The uprising in Ukraine succeeded only because the Ukrainian police turned against the imported Eastern European Russian ethnic police and soldiers supporting Yanukovich.

Therefore, to understand the true movement behind the defund police, you must understand that they are already planning to replace local police to a large extent with robots that have no conscience and will kill on command. If the government can replace the police and military with robots, they will achieve their ultimate security against public uprisings. Merged with digital IDs and tracking as Gates has done in India, this will create the solution for the perfect totalitarian state that is not dependent upon the loyalty of the police or military. We are not there yet, but they certainly intend to be there within the years ahead.

You dod not even need AI for this goal. They can, of course, have simple tools like heat detectors to identify humans. They can add facial recognition to target specific people. They do not want an AI system that would actually allow it to override some central command directive. All of this is certainly possible right now with present technology. It does not even require futuristic fantasy to conclude where this leads decades from now. It is the ultimate power for the ultimate tyranny which they see as then invincible.