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Gate’s Contraceptive Microchip to be Implanted into Women

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world_spin_in_hands_PA_300_clr_3147Bill Gates to me is highly inconsistent. He is a huge supporter of Climate Change and has done his TED Talks on lowering CO2 to Zero. Of course, the Climate Change contingent is all about reducing the population which is now about 7.5 billion and Gates laments it will hit 9 billion. So for someone who is so concerned about Global Warming, he has three kids but has funded a microchip to implant into women as a contraceptive. That’s right, a computer chip that can be controlled remotely to prevent getting pregnant.

The contraceptive chip is to be implanted under a woman’s skin, releasing a small dose of levonorgestrel, a hormone. This will happen every day for 16-years and can be controlled using a wireless remote device. The project has been backed by none other than Bill Gates. The question I have is hacking. If it can be controlled remotely, then it should be also possible for it to be hacked like any computer to ensure someone never gets pregnant.

White House Dinner 1996

Having ChildrenI have previously told the story about attending a White House dinner in Washington back in 1996 when I was seated with the entire Environmental groups. It was a Washington elite political dinner and because I attended with my friend Dick Fox who was Chairman of Temple University and I was an adviser to the University, whoever it was that made the seating arrangements for these tables of 10  seated us with the environmental groups. That was a serious mistake (Yes the Business School at Temple is named after Dick Fox).

Dick had come from a real estate background, so he was not the classic academic type. Dick was the one who kept trying to drag the truth out these Environmentalists and he accomplished that. We were seated with the heads of all the top three environmental organizations. Dick kept interrogating them since he came from the real estate world. Dick managed to get them to admit that the real goal was to reduce the human population by making it difficult to expand and build houses.

This theory of reducing the population began with the Environmentalist. Back in the Nineties, they were labeling everything wetlands to prevent construction. Their theory was simple, they could reduce the ability to expand housing and thus shrink the population. That seemed very naive to me. Nevertheless, Dick kept interrogating them and succeeded in getting them to admit that this was all about reducing the population. Dick finally moved in for the kill: “So who’s grandchild are you trying to prevent from being born? Yours’s or mine?”

2000 Global Warming

The Environmentalists moved from Wetlands to calling it Global Warming following James Hansen and others who published the 1981 study Climate impact of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide. Of course, that was undermined by many new studies, but the press prefers to ignore those.



2012 Climate Change

The climate has always changed long before humans ever invented the combustion engine. The same people who were behind the Wetlands in the Nineties, became the Global Warming protesters by 2000, and then as the climate turned colder, they switched the label to Climate Change and took credit for the drop in temperature as well.

Morgan Jennifer Gretta 1024x963

They then used a 16-year old girl to get their message into the Media and at the World Economic Forum in Davos coached by Jennifer Morgan of Greenpeace. When that was not moving fast enough, they switched gears because Climate Change would not kill people for decades and there was too much resistance.



Gates Bill 13To move this issue to a global emergency, they have moved from Climate Change to we will all die if we do not remain locked-down and vaccinated. Meanwhile, they have succeeded in shutting down the world economy which was their goal all along. The problem which has emerged is that they have unleashed a Great Depression which is highly likely in unleashing a new World War. The US and China now blame each other for creating a virus that would NEVER have warranted this type of reaction. How did we get to the lockdown which is destroying the economy? That’s where Gates and all the health organizations he controls. No wonder he resigned from both Microsoft and Buffet because he knew his lockdown would achieve the ZERO CO2 goal which has been the common link to both the virus and Climate Change-Global Warming-Wetlands movement.

The common thread that has run through all of this nonsense is this theory that we are doomed unless we curtail the population. This is linear thinking and the population has always gone through cycles. It too has never been linear. The Black Pague during the 14th century killed about 50% of the population. The same was true of the Justinian Plague of the 6th century. Nature has its own cycle to take care of that problem. We do not need Bill Gates for that.


Many countries were paying subsidies to have children. Japan has an elderly population who are working long-term because the youth have not been getting married, no less having children. The same is true in Europe, Russia, and America.

Ever since 2015, the United Nations projects that over the next 50 years, the population in the industrialized world (US-Europe-Japan) will DECLINE, not expand. The population is suffering from growing old and the youth are so burdened with taxes they are not getting married (marriages off by 50%) and are not having children. The decline in birth rates and the migration of people from the outer regions into the old core is typical.

The UN is now supporting immigration to keep the pension funds alive. They have stated that immigration now “require[s] comprehensive reassessments of many established policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration.”