Very Disturbing

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Obama And Biden Unveil Proposal To Decrease Gun Violence In U.S.

Dave Janda, the host of Operation Freedom, had a guest on his show who informed the listeners that based upon information he said came from a high-level military officer that there is an Obama Administration’s new “Litmus Test” whereby senior officers are being asked would they be willing to order troops to fire on Americans if they were unwilling to give up their guns and ammunition. That interview went viral over the Internet and some 40 military officers have come forward confirming that information.

Domestic civil unrest military exercises are becoming common. Armed military vehicles are patrolling Wisconsin neighborhoods as part of a civil unrest training exercise on behalf of the United States Army Reserve. It is clear that the government knows what is coming. It only need to look at Europe. It will defend itself and it is a crime to call for such an uprising as the Founding Fathers did against the King. The King is dead – long live the President.

A series of recent military exercises in major cities including Miami and Houston have alarmed residents and even local officials who were largely unaware that the drills would be taking place in their jurisdictions. The Obama Administration has enacted countless laws stripping Americans of all rights. He is out to disarm Americans and surrounds himself with children as if he really gives two-shits. His controversial “urban-warfare” scenarios included low-flying black helicopters firing blanks out of machine guns, heavily armed troops rappelling onto buildings, and all-out assaults. These “urban warfare” drills are taking place all over the country. How can this man stand there and pretend this is about street violence when in fact it is about disarming Americans when socialism collapses as they know it will. And you really think they will surrender all authority and adopt a gold standard yielding power? Good one!


A Lesson from History – The Nika Riots

Theodora was the wife of Justinian I (527-565) who proved herself a worthy and able leader during the Nika Riots. There were two rival political factions in the Empire, the Blues, and the Greens, who started a riot in January 532 during a chariot race in the hippodrome. The riots stemmed from many grievances, some from Justinian’s and Theodora’s own actions. The rioters set many public buildings on fire and proclaimed a new emperor, Hypatius, the nephew of former emperor Anastasius I. Unable to control the mob, Justinian and his officials prepared to flee. Theodora spoke out against leaving the palace and underlined the significance of someone who died as a ruler instead of living as an exile or in hiding, saying “purple makes a fine shroud” meaning better to die an emperor fighting to keep his throne than to run away in fear and live as an exile.

She persuaded her husband to stay. She then ordered the loyal troops led by two reliable foreign officers, Belisarius and Mundus, to attack the demonstrators in the hippodrome. Troops inside Constantinople refused to attack their own people. According to the historian Procopius, the foreign troops attacked the Hippodrome, killing more than 30,000 citizens. What is often overlooked is that the troops were stationed outside of Constantinople. They were NOT native sons of that region. Hence, they had no problem killing Greeks since they were not Greeks. The question being asked will American troops fire on American citizens? This must be understood within the broader context. Use troops not from the same place and there is no problem. It may be getting even time.