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The World is Laughing at America

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Above is a clip from “Studio 22,” a program on the Saudi government-owned television network MBC. The skit portrays US President Biden as mentally incompetent, repeatedly fumbling his words, forgetting names, and falling asleep behind the podium. Biden’s declining mental health is apparent every time that he is permitted to speak publicly. This is how other nations now view the US, as everyone sees there is a puppet at the helm. Biden makes America appear weak on the international stage.

The skit is far from a comedy sketch. Joe Biden has referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as the “First Lady,” as portrayed on the Saudi program. Recently he called Michelle Obama the former vice president and referred to Ukrainians as Iranians. Let us not forget how his “gaffe” nearly caused World War III when he declared that Putin needed to be removed from power. The White House simply retracts his statements and makes excuses for his erratic behavior.

Even with pre-scripted cards, Biden continually forgets the topic at hand and has been filmed repeatedly being redirected by his handlers at various functions. Even Secretary Psaki is jumping ship as she can no longer deflect the truth. The entire world sees the leader of the United States as a complete fool. Yet, he was allegedly the most popular presidential candidate and secured a record number of votes. The Democrats chose the wrong puppet; besides his slim margin of supporters with cognitive dissonance, no one believes that he is leading the nation.