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Chicago is a Blue Warzone

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Mobs of hundreds of teens and young adults are terrorizing Chicago and burning their own city down. Former Mayor Lori Lightfoot permitted crime to take place. Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson is another far-left politician who will do nothing to save the city. “It is not constructive to demonize youth who have been denied opportunities,” Johnson said to dismiss the atrocities these unattended teenagers commit.

Chicago has tough gun laws and none of these teens are legally obtaining weapons. The city has been overrun with criminals who wildly shoot into crowds and murder their neighbors and the cops are outnumbered. Curfews have not helped and SWAT teams had to be deployed over the weekend after multiple people and bystanders were shot.

Businesses are fleeing Chicago as fast as possible. Even Walmart is closing down 8 stores in Chicago amid countless thefts. “These stores lose tens of millions of dollars a year, and their annual losses nearly doubled in just the last five years,” Walmart stated. Whole Foods closed its Chicago location for the same reason. Target, CVS, Aldi, and Save A Lot have also closed locations in recent years because of crime. People are protesting outside of Walmart in Chicago, declaring that these fleeing businesses are creating food deserts.

They cannot blame corporations or gun control. The problem begins at home and is amplified by bad politicians. Johnson came out and said that these teens simply didn’t have the same opportunities as others. Does that make it ok for them to commit violent crimes including murder? How are hundreds of minors out at all hours of the night – where are their guardians? Chicago was once a popular business destination; it will quickly deteriorate into Detroit or Camden as a ghost city that never recovered. The businesses will leave along with the jobs they once provided.