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You cannot Change the Mind of those Who Believe in Global Warming because it is their Religion

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Global Warming Cavemen

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; there are just people who refuse to believe that global warming is wrong. When there are cold spells like that here in Australia, they argue there are equally a number of warm spots. They are leading us down the tubes. They will not yield and even consider that they are wrong and if so, what is the consequence of such a mistake.


Day AFter Tomorrow 1024x576ANSWER: Yes, when something is against Global Warming that rebuts saying cold spots are not science. Some of these cold snaps have been very strange indeed. Yet when it is warm, suddenly it is science. It even got warm in Siberia. There are places that are normally a dessert that have suddenly burst with life. They refuse to consider the historical evidence that there have even been ice ages which implies that there had to have also been warming periods way before the Industrial Age – OMG Cycles exist? They completely ignore the science of how ice ages are even created which takes place WHEN the ice at the North Pole melts and that allows water to evaporate and return as snow. They portray that when the ice melts, the oceans will rise and New York and Miami will be under water. They spin that as science which is just sophistry. In essence, they refuse to believe in the cyclical nature of everything. I suppose they also assume they will live forever since their denial of cycles must mean they too will never die.

The Poles flip. Ask anyone in geology and they will tell you that rocks are magnetized in the direction of the North Pole when they are formed from an erupting volcano. We are watching a number of volcanos erupting not just in the Pacific, but also in Siberia. We know that the North Pole has been all over the place and it is moving more rapidly today than ever before in recent years when we have tracked it. The last time it flipped was over 700,000 years ago so we do not have recorded history to understand what actually happens. The poles flip about every 11 years on the Sun. But nobody lives there so they can’t tell us what to expect.

Gore Hot AirI have written about the suddenly frozen animals in Siberia. Effectively, there have been two schools of thought – (1)  Chaotic and (2) Linear Progression. We do NOT want to believe you can just wake up one day and freeze to death at the kitchen table. Hence, we do not WANT to believe in abrupt change is even possible. This is also why you will find that people prefer to believe in gradual global warming and will immediately call pointing out any cold spell is not science – but only global warming is science. They PREFER to believe that humans can alter the entire cyclical nature of the earth just as they prefer to believe in Keynesianism and government will smooth out the business cycle and make life perfect for you just in case you live forever.

Julius Caesar said it best. People just will believe what they WANT to believe. The people who call Global Warming science and everything else is not-science, there is no point in trying to argue. It is like investments. There has to be someone who buys the high when it is time to sell. You cannot change the mind of those who believe in Global Warming because it is their religion. Al Gore, who is not a scientist, will die frozen and be blaming the cold on CO2. This is a question of the cyclical nature of the universe and stops trying to blame someone for there just may be something bigger to take notice of.