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Climate Always Changes

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Atacama Desert

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I want to commend you for standing up against the covert agenda of global warming. It is dumbfounding how decades of research into geology can just be ignored. You are correct that everything changes. The magnetic polls move continually so places that were tropic became covered in ice and places that are ice will become tropic. The rain in the desert that miraculously created flowers from nowhere demonstrates how dynamic our climate truly is far beyond this narrowed view of climate. No one who is a real scientist would ever ascribe to this theory suggesting those advocating this theory are bribed or ignorant. Take your choice.


Siberian Rare Flower 32000 yrs old

REPLY: Correct. The Atacama desert experienced a burst of flowers springing to life after El Niño brought the heaviest rainfall in two decades earlier this year. The Atacama desert is normally one of the driest places on Earth. The flowers normally bloom every 5 to 7 years in cycles.

Then in Siberia, Russians discovered ancient seeds of a plant long extinct that they managed to bring back to life. It is the oldest plant to ever be regenerated after 32,000 years. This demonstrates that there was fertile land in Siberia and it was not always cold.


The Piri Reis map was accidentally discovered in 1929 in a Turkish museum. There is no logical explanation for a map that shows the detailed outline of Antarctica without ice unless there was no ice -– ancient global warming. In 1513, Turkish admiral Piri Reis designed the map of the world. This map then included Portugal, Spain, West Africa, Central and South Atlantic, the Caribbean, the eastern half of South America, and a part of Antarctica. It is also believed that there was North America, but the rest of the map was destroyed.



The point is that there is abundant evidence that the climate has ALWAYS changed; the magnetic poles have always moved, and with them, the ice. This is the picture that they use to sell their idea of global warming. A new NASA study of Antarctica has also shown that there is more ice than what has been alleged, quite frankly because the poles do move. The very same result has been shown at the North Pole – there is more ice today than when Al Gore first brought up the issue.

Instead of investigating and objectively understanding (1) that the poles move, and (2) climate has always changed, we have turned this into a justification for taxes by creating an alarming issue that is total nonsense. Changing the environment by throwing garbage in the water or diesel fuel in buses so you cannot breathe is a SEPARATE issue from changing the climate of the Earth. To achieve one is to exaggerate the other. Those who refuse to even consider alternates to the propaganda demonstrate that they have closed minds and cannot survive the turmoil of what is coming.