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Migrants Responsible for 69% of Violent Crime in France

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The migrants are more than an economic drain on society. These unaccompanied men with questionable morals are more prone to commit crimes. Forget being politically correct because these are the facts. They come from different nations where there is a different set of morals and social conduct. In France, migrants committed nearly 70% of violent crimes in 2022.

African migrants represent 3.2% of the population but committed 52% of all violent crimes last year. Foreign nationals were responsible for 69% of all rapes and other violent crimes, according to the French Ministry of Interior. Something is extremely wrong here and one must wonder what cultural upbringing these people (almost all men) had that makes them unable to exist in Western society.

In Paris, a once beautiful city, 38% of violent crimes were committed by African migrants, while non-French EU nationals committed 8% of crimes. Public transportation has become particularly dangerous for women as violent attacks have become common.

These same people are invading all European nations, Canada, and America. There is a deliberate attempt to open all borders and flood the West with illegal migrants. Votes for the left are more important to your politicians than the safety of the people.