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Russia Tested the Alert System on the Same Day as US

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It has come to my attention that both the US and Russia held emergency alert tests on Wednesday. Unlike the US, Russia performs these tests regularly. Russia is actively engaged in war, surrounded by NATO and neocons chomping at the bit to invade. Putin has been vocal about his concerns of nuclear war, and at that point, it’s likely too late. One must wonder why both nations chose the same day to run this test.

“Hearing the sound of a siren, you need to remain calm and not panic, turn on the TV—any publicly accessible channel or radio—and listen to the information message,” Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations (MCHS) said via its Telegram channel. The Russian government stated that the alerts are crucial “to be confident in the performance of all existing systems for the timely delivery of signals and information to the population in the event of emergency situations.” Remember that hackers managed to break into Russia’s system earlier this year. They issued a message to the public that a nuclear attack had happened and urged citizens to seek shelter.

Russia first tested its emergency alert system in 2020 and is required to hold tests biannually. They urge their citizens to keep their devices powered on to receive any relevant alerts. “The warning system is designed to timely convey a signal to the population in the event of a threat or emergency of a natural or man-made nature,” the Ministry of Emergency Situations said.

Most countries conduct this type of testing. It is peculiar that both Russia and America would plan their tests for the same day. Is it a coincidence or something more?