Marine Le Pen

Le Pen Seeks to Broaden Her Support

French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen says she is temporarily stepping down as head of her National Front party. She is still in the race, just attempting to [...]

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Marine Le Pen

French Elections on Sunday

The first round of the 2017 French presidential election is set to be held this coming Sunday on the 23rd of April 2017. Should no candidate win a majority, which [...]

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French Debate 4-5-2017

The French Debates – Le Pen Wins = Bullish for Europe – Loss = Devastation for Euorpe

France holds its first round of voting on the 23rd of April, 2017. Unless one candidate wins more than 50% of the vote, the two leading contenders will go to a [...]

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Macron Emmanuel

The French Elections

The French Elections are in complete chaos. We are witnessing the collapse of the Fifth Republic of France. Our computer correctly forecasted that the Socialist [...]

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Le Pen in First Place So Far

With the election coming up in France, Le Pen is praising Donald Trump for putting his people first. “The European Union has failed,” she declared. She [...]

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2017 is Looking More Optimistic Than Ever

The only thing about international trade is that someone cannot have a trade surplus without another experiencing a trade deficit. We all cannot have trade [...]

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Le Pen Marine

Le Pen Doubling Hollande in Polls

Last Thursday in France, Le Monde showed President Hollande polling at 14% while likely Republican candidate and former president Nicolas Sarkozy scored 21%. [...]

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France Using Radar to Ticket Speeding Bikers

Believe it of not, France is now imposing a 10k speed limit for those riding bicycles. They are using radar guns to ticket riders. When governments need money, they [...]

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Valls_Toulouse PM

French Parliament – Nullified – Get Ready for More Civil Unrest

After months of controversy over the labor market reform that was designed to end excessive socialism in France, the French Government has bypassed the final vote [...]

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Charles de Gaulle


COMMENT:  Just been the Que.for over 3hours Charles de Gaulle coming from North America I have a EU passport and even that could not help You are right Schengan [...]

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