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Mass Deportations from Pakistan

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Pakistan India Map

European nations are not the only ones expelling foreigners from their borders. This has become a global contagion where nations are waking up and realizing they are no longer safe. Calls for jihad have caused even Muslim nations to question the motives of specific groups.

Pakistan is now asking thousands of Afghans to leave. Most of these people have nowhere to go since they fled a war-torn nation run by jihadists. They do not want to wander back into the Taliban’s control, but Pakistan is afraid that Taliban members may be among the ranks of men already in their borders. Over 200,000 Afghans have been deported from Pakistan in the past two month, with November 1 being the deadline to leave.

This is merely the first wave of deportations. As we saw in Europe, they are asking those without permanent resident to leave first. Those on refugee cards or visas will be expelled next. This will cause a mass exodus of people with nowhere to go as around 1.7 million Afghans currently call Pakistan home. The “record of the last forty years in hosting millions of our Afghan brothers and sisters speaks for itself,” one spokeswoman told reporters.

Citizenship and secure borders are what provides a nation sovereignty. All of these countries who permitted a mass influx of refugees without properly checking their credentials have created a humanitarian crisis. Arab nations will not accept people from other Arab nations that are ruled by terrorist organizations. Soon, people will simply be asked to leave nations based on their religion and political affiliation. This is only the beginning of a much larger migration crisis.