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Biden to Lockdown Entire USA Come February

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COMMENT: Marty!!

Right on time as you called another one right!  Be well my friend!



REPLY: Biden’s adviser already said the country should be locked-down. Sources already said Biden will lock down the entire country even by executive order come February. I have been warning this is not a simple Republican v Democratic election. Most people that voted for Biden did so only because they hated Trump for various reasons. They are about to watch the United States brought to its knees for the real purpose is to “crush” the economy from which they think they can rebuild it because we have only 7 years to live according to their clock in New York City. The Democrats NEVER told you the agenda. They always just said Trump was a buffoon and a racist. Now you will witness the deliberate destruction of our economy.

This is a global agenda. They are deliberately trying to destroy small businesses for they are the hated bourgeoisie under Marxist philosophy. They are the social class that came to own the means of production during modern industrialization and whose societal concerns are the value of the property and the preservation of capital to ensure the perpetuation of their economic supremacy in society. Marx never considered that they provided employment, only that they profited from employees. He sought to replace the bourgeoisie with government jobs but bureaucrats did not even know how to manage a farm no less industry. That is why millions starved.



I understand that sometimes I have to translate what politicians are saying. Nancy Pelosi stated they will “crush” the virus and put money in the pockets of Americans. This is the very same strategy in London total lockdown and you get 80% of your salary for losing your job – quasi Guaranteed Basic Income. They then can order a vaccine and if you refuse, your money is cut off.

I have warned that this has always been the agenda all along to adopt what you see in Europe and bring that to the USA. We are witnessing these policies in Australia, New Zealand and this will take place in Canada and the USA next year. Socrates is projecting a very BAD RECESSION into 2022. This will be deliberate. Expect food shortages and there will be people dying from starvation in many countries. Food crises are already starting in Africa.

The people who voted for Biden will have a very rude awakening. They voted against themselves, their families, and their posterity. Anyone connected with the fuel industry can kiss their job goodbye along with those in hospitality. In Germany, you are not allowed to even stay in a hotel unless it is a business trip. They are destroying the freedom of movement. The Democrats even tried to manipulate the electoral college in 2016 and that will be the next battleground this time.

I have been warning that this was not a simply Republican v Democratic election. There is a major foreign globalist agenda and the United States has been invaded no different than a foreign army. They have mainstream media and Big Tech all conspiring against our future. Twitter & Facebook have been infiltrated with people supporting Communism 3.0. They have become part of the movement to overthrow our democracy. Trump has been outnumbered 10:1 and his recent firings are way too late. He is finally beginning to see that the swamp was out to purge him.

Boris Gates

Boris Johnson has met with Bill Gates and 10 Big Pharma CEOs to discuss the FORCED Covid-19 vaccination of all British citizens. Gates has bought Johnson to commit treason against his own people. What Gates has done in India and Africa, he has funded the coup everywhere else. We are losing everything! Gates will become deeply involved in Canada and the USA. Johnson will use the military to force injections into everyone. Biden will do the same. To my British friends – get out while you can.

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Nobody voted for this agenda. They sold you a Porsche sight unseen and then delivered a VW Beatle. But the press will NEVER print any opposite view. Mainstream media is also conspiring to present only the view of the Great Reset. They have organized BigTech to censor what would be illegal for the government to do, and they have enlisted the mainstream press to push Communism 3.0 precisely as the New York Times tried to push communism during the 1930s celebrating Stalin as the ultimate head of state.