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Civil Unrest Rising in Germany

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There are reports of more and more incidents of Germans turning against the refugees with violence. A mob of about 50 youths went “hunting” for migrants in the eastern German city of Bautzen. They were throwing stones. This was by no means the first time in that city. This did not reach the 1700 people who protested in Cologne when riot police were called in last January after they raped some 2000 German girls on News Years Eve. The protests against the refugees have been rising and increasing. They have now been in the hundreds of thousands across the country.

Brussels refuses to acknowledge they have made a huge mistake. Allowing millions of refugees into the country with many young single men, many pretending to be less than 18, has taken its toll on everything and everyone. The refugees are occupying schools gyms throughout the country. Many students have lost their right to have sports. A school in Bavaria went as far as to send a letter home to parents warning them not to let their daughters wear revealing blouses or short skirts, because emergency accommodation for refugees has been set up next to the gym.


The refugee men know the game. They claim to be children under 18 traveling alone in get in. The Sun reported “[a]s third load of ‘child refugees’ arrives from Calais as official figures reveal TWO THIRDS of those who had ages assessed were found to be adults.” I am personally friends with a school teacher in Germany who explain she is often terrified because these are men who tower over the children in the class. I would not want my children going to schools with men pretending to be children. This is totally insane. Where is the common sense among politicians? This is the picture Saad Alsaud who claimed to be 14 years old in Sweden. I would not want my 14 year old daughter in the same class with this guy.