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EU Border Chief Says Nothing Can Curb Illegal Migration

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Europe’s migrant crisis has been multiplying since 2015 when former German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the gates to Syrian refugees. Everyone and anyone is now descending upon Europe, and with the backing of a centralized government in the form of the European Union, no agency can curb the unsustainable migration crisis because the invasion is deliberate.

Merkel Welcome

Lionel Shriver, head of Frontex and the EU’s border and coastguard coalition, has said that there is nothing that can be done to control migration. “To put it bluntly,” the Dutchman Hans Leijtens told an interviewer from Germany’s Die Welt, “nothing can stop people from crossing a border, no wall, no fence, no sea, no river. Sometimes it’s pretended that you can just put a lid on top of the bottle, and then the migration stops. But that’s a misconception.”

Frontex’s budget increased from €143 million for 2015 when the crisis began to €543 million for 2021. The budget is expected to reach €10,000 by 2027. Now, what is the point of enforcing the border when the politicians are openly welcoming illegal migrants? The corrupt European Commission transformed Frontex into the European Border and Coast Guard Agency in 2015. At the same time, Merkle and others were urging refugees to head to Europe where they would receive a state-funded life.

“Who am I to condemn migrants?” Hans, the man responsible for controlling migration, said. “This talk of ‘stopping people’ and ‘closing borders’ can’t be our narrative all the time. My job is to strike a balance between effective border management and respect for fundamental rights.” Basically, he must appease Brussels and has no authority to act in a way that goes against their narrative.

Similar to the US, the people in charge refuse to recognize that there is a massive migration crisis happening. The house is burning but they will not call the fire department because they refuse to see the flames. Europe’s migrant crisis started before America’s because an anti-establishment candidate who did not obey the globalist agenda secured the vote. All of the World Economic Forum, BUILD BACK BETTER, nations are aligning on a policy of open borders despite the social and economic consequences.