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Comments from the Netherlands

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Amsterdam 2
COMMENT #1: The “Dutch Farming Crisis” crack-down in Netherlands says it all.
As a former UK citizen repatriated to The Netherlands, life in Holland has been ideal, plenty on the super market shelves with a strong export market of food to rest of Europe.
Food growing science at it’s finest. Economical, productive and effective for all.

The recent crack down on farmers to curb use of Nitrogen base fertilizer (Nitrogen being the most abundant gas on the planet!!!) has come as an unexpected and unjustified shock, to Netherlands and the good of all. Within the time frame of one year, we have gone from a land of plenty to a land of maybe. Not wasting one once of food, meanwhile stocking up on goods in case the supplies are no longer there tomorrow. It’s not how I envisioned bringing up my two boys, but reflects strongly on the tales my parents told me of their experiences surviving the second world war.

Klaus and his rotten army have done what they set out to do. To bear hardship on the population.
But my parents survived and lived to see a better world, I too strive to follow in their footsteps.
PS. incidentally, Ammonia is a by-product of burning water as a fuel.


COMMENT #2: Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Your article about the Dutch farmers is all true. But this story goes deeper. Is not about them stopping theirs farms because of these insane climate policies. All eyes are on the farmers while the big industries and airports aren’t even part of the discussion.
All this of course knowing that nitrogen is just another fake crisis.

What they really want is the land of the farmers. They claim they need it to build houses. There is an enormous shortage of affordable houses. Partly because these insane politicians claim houses can’t be build because of the nitrogen problems. All the while the same politicians are welcoming ten of thousands of refugees and immigrants. This while our own young people can’t even get or afford a house.

So in the end the farmers need to be removed of their company and property because our corrupt leaders are flooding our country with immigrants. Immigrants that are here because of the free money. They don’t share our values, they don’t want to work. They just want their free lunch.

It’s all part of their Great Reset.

Keep up the good work!

REPLY: I have spoken with scientists in the field and this entire agenda is just so outrageous. I suppose this is our fault for electing people with ZERO experience to public office who just real the cue cards that are written for them. This only adds to the chaos our computer projected for 2023 which we first published back in 2019. I an stunned myself to witness how everything is unfolding as our computer forecast well in advance.

Keating Paul

I have said before, I had the mandate from Hong King to negotiate with Australia to try to buy land for them to move before the hand-over back to China in 1998. I met with former Prime Minister Paul Keating. Nothing I proposed was acceptable. I finally asked – Is this racist? He said no! They are fleeing communism and would vote conservative. He was the Labour Government. Australia would not let Hong Kong move because it would have changed their politics.

Tax Robbery

All of this overwhelming hoard of refugees into Europe and what Biden is doing in the United States, is all about trying to shift the balance of power to the left assuming all of these people who have nothing will vote for them and shake ever last penny from those who have made our countries what they are today.

Between the Climate Change nonsense and this mass invasion of the have-nots, they are destroying our very way of life all to simply retain power.