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French Elite Say Either Germany Leaves the Euro or Economic Chaos is their Fate

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The French elite are now calling for a German exit from the euro as a solution since the rest of them are heading into Marxist la-la land. The Greek crisis has set in motion severe strains within the EU economy, far worse than the press or the politicians are willing to admit. The French elites see only two possibilities: there will either be an orderly withdrawal of Germany from the euro, or an all-out sovereign debt crisis. It is clear that France is heading into the same eye of the storm as Greece. There is no solution to this nightmare for nobody is willing to even contemplate that they are possibly wrong.

We are heading into a Sovereign Debt Crisis of great magnitude. We will need Socrates desperately, for at this point, there is no one left with an opinion that will matter when we have not faced such a situation since the 18th century.