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Fractional Banking & China

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You can really start to feel 2015.75 coming. This is going to be a harder fall than 2007-2009 for outside the USA we are in a declining mode since 2007, which should bottom by 2020. This is a DEBT CRISIS not a bubble in stocks or commodities thins time.

As of tomorrow morning, the central bank of China has cut its reserve ration by 1%. So fractional banking is being increased to confront the problems we truly face. When the US economy turns down, it is not going to be a pretty sight.

We are trying to get a bigger venue for the European World Economic Conference. The 2011 conference we had to turn down over 300 people for the room maxed out at 300+. The demand for this conference is skyrocketing, so this too is clearly a sign of the times we are facing. This will undoubtedly be the largest professional gathering at any financial conference probably in history.

We are pushing very hard and have expanded our view to Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich. We are trying to find a venue that can accommodate our clients including rooms.

We will let everyone know ASAP.