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Philippines Medical IDs to Travels within the Country

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COMMENT: This is happening in the Philippines right NOW. Unfortunately coming to the USA. WATCH THE VIDEO
We can not travel from town to town without FIRST applying for a travel pass, then you must submit to a PCR test for every person who is traveling. Average cost is $60++ Each test. So if you have a family of 4 traveling it will cost you over $240 just to get approved BEFORE you depart your hometown. Then you have to submit a itinerary online to the town you wish to visit and to make sure you stick to the itinerary, you have to hire a TOUR GUIDE (contact tracer) then you can ONLY stay in approved HOTELS. These requirements are to travel to the next TOWN. Oh, and then you have to go through a military CHECKPOINT that verifies your travel pass, PCR Test results and then THEY escort you to the local city convention center where you go through a triage AGAIN. After you do all of these things, you have NO MONEY since it was spent just trying to get here. NOW you have to turn around and GO home because you are broke. OF COURSE, this is why the entire community has been destroyed in the Philippines. The entire country put into lockdown status because about 8 thousand people have died over the last 10+ months.
Last year and previous years more than 100 THOUSAND people died from infectious respiratory illnesses. This is a very common statistic. Year after Year.

There were no lockdowns,


REPLY: This is all part of the agenda to prevent people from rising up against this new agenda – Communist 3.0. You will see more recommendations coming from the World Economic Forum next January.