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Australia Overthrows its Prime Minister in the Blink of an Eye

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Abbott Tony

In Australia, we are seeing signs of political unrest. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been a complete disaster. It is really a wonder how these people are elected and what goes through their minds. Abbott appears stunned by the swift pace of the challenge to his leadership. His collapse in the polls warned that he was off the mark, becoming an embarrassment for Australia as a nation on the world stage.

Essentially, for the past seven months following a no-confidence vote, Tony Abbott was overthrown this week in a leadership challenge from his popular former communications minister, Malcolm Turnbull, who won the Liberal Party vote 54-44 in Canberra just hours after declaring his leadership bid.


This is the peak in government. During the fall of the Roman Empire, between 244 AD and 268 AD, there were 26 Roman Emperors within a period of 24 years. As the economy begins to turn down, we should expect to see this type of response within politics. This is the type of trend we are entering post-2015.75. This is what we should expect to see as people become disillusioned by government and confidence collapses.