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Australia Government Ignoring the Truckers

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The Premier Gladys Berejiklian of New South Wales in Australia will probably go down in history as one of the most tyrannical politicians of all time. She has decreed that vaccines are going to be mandatory to work despite the fact that all the evidence coming from Israel shows that the MAJORITY of people in the hospital have already been vaccinated. Moreover, Israel has also confirmed that the unvaccinated who have had COVID have 13x better immunity against the Delta mutation. Pfizer says that Israel paid a price for the early rollout. Health officials, and then Pfizer, said their data showed a dip in the vaccine’s protection around six months after receiving the second shot. There is concern that the vaccinated are not producing the natural antibodies and some fear that the vaccines may even make people more susceptible to various new strains of COVID that will inevitably appear going into 2022.

The protests by the Truckers in Australia are simply being ignored by the government. They will not address any concerns with respect to these vaccines going forward.