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Australia COVID Concentration Camps Destined to Break Up Australia

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In Australia, the government and the police have simply gone insane. They have created mandatory quarantine confinement, much like isolated confinement in a prison where suicide is always very high. Many people simply cannot psychologically handle being confined in isolation. In Australia, they are putting people’s lives at risk. Here is a man going crazy after two weeks of isolation and nine tests that were all NEGATIVE for COVID. This is what people are starting to call COVID concentration camps. The police will also beat people and threaten to gas them. The treatment in prison is not this bad, for they have doctors to monitor the psychological impact on people in isolation, which is totally absent in this environment that qualifies for the international definition of cruel and unusual punishment.

Schwab Klaus World Reset

Meanwhile, some people have been denied to visit their parent who was on their deathbed because of the lockdowns. The psychological damage they are causing to people in Australia is unbefitting any free society. Australia and Canada never revolted against Britain. Australia was predominantly a penal colony from 1788-1850. Australia became independent only on March 3, 1986. The likelihood of Australia remaining intact as a nation is unlikely post-2032. This is part of the problem, for even Britain was never this oppressive, and as such, Australia never moved to revolution. They seem to be heading in that direction thanks to COVID concentration camps and selling out of Australia to the international interests pulling the strings.