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Hong Kong Banishes All Independent News Outlets

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Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has completely surrendered to Beijing after condoning the shutdown of Hong Kong’s last independent news outlet. Hong Kong police raided the Citizen News building on Sunday, seized all records, and arrested several board members and editors for conspiracy and sedition. Stand News and Apple Daily suffered the same fate for allegedly inciting hate and promoting fake news.

“Seditious acts and activities and inciting other people through public acts and activities could not be condoned under the guise of news reporting,” Carrie Lam said. “These actions are law enforcement actions. These actions have nothing to do with ‘suppression of press freedom’ or ‘suppression of democracy,’ as some will put it.” Lam went on to use the age-old excuse of “national security” being at risk as the truth would lead to civil unrest.

The people of Hong Kong no longer have access to independent news sources. The government has made it clear that anyone attempting to report the honest news will become an enemy of the state who is too dangerous to exist among society. The people of Hong Kong warned us in 2019 that if this tyranny happened there, it could happen anywhere.