Xi Appointed for Life Thanks to Biden

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The United States under the Biden Administration appears to have done ABSOLUTELY everything they could to ensure that President Xi Jinping would be delivered a mandate to potentially rule for life as a major meeting wraps up in Beijing. With Biden claiming the US will defend Taiwan and Pelosi hopping on flights to Taiwan to assure the US will defend them, from a geopolitical analysis perspective, they were absolutely brain dead UNLESS they were deliberately telling China the USA wants war. The approval of this landmark announcement in a communique was established not since Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping had China authored a so-called historical resolution.

What the Biden administration has been doing is deliberately showing no respect for the dignity of China or Russia. But insulting both nations, their culture, and their people is only an invitation to war. China directly addressed that calling this “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.” That was a direct response to the way they view the Biden administration which seems to be on a mission to screw the entire world. Never in international relations do you EVER insult the opposition, or call people like Putin a war criminal when a war criminal can never be applied to a leader based upon actions of those in battle.

Looking at this objectively, China was pushed into a corner by the constant rhetoric from the Biden Administration that China is an enemy – not a friendly nation. This not only imposes serious risks to Taiwan in the months ahead but also to Hong Kong. A closing in the Hong Kong share index below 13319 for 2022, will war of a major further crash probably into the 3rd quarter of 2023 if not into 2024.