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May 8th – the Turning Point & the Crack in Confidence

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I have been warning that since 1999, there has been a shift in government where the UNELECTED bureaucrats seek to take over the country. I have warned that in my opinion, Trump was naive thinking that being president meant you really were in charge. For all of those who voted for Biden who did so because they HATED Trump, I am sorry to inform you but you were strategically and cleverly manipulated. Not that Trump was this great person. Many people did not like that he often came off as arrogant. They used that to get people to hate him personally and ignore the issues that were hidden behind the curtain.

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When Sen. Ron Wyden asked James Clapper, director of U.S. national intelligence, one of the highest-ranking intelligence officials in the country, if the government was collecting data on Americans as Snowden warned, he outright lied to the people of this country and to Congress. Clapper answered the question at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing and said, “no,” or at least “not wittingly.”

Lerner Lois

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Perhaps you will recall that the IRS was illegally targeting conservatives for political reasons. When their emails were sought, they simply pulled a Hillary – of sorry there were lost. Then perhaps you will recall that Republican John McCain also used the IRS to target people. This was not restricted to Democrats.

I can go on and on. I have told the story of how I would meet people who wanted to run for president for the Republicans and it was a vetting process. I was always asked my assessment of their ability to understand the global economy. Then I was asked to fly to meet with Bush Jr. in 1999 but was told this time it was different – “he is really stupid.” I was shocked, but I then saw how everyone in the Bush Administration was being picked from behind the curtain. That is when they asked me if I would take the position of Chief Economic Adviser and I declined. I wrote about it when the movie VICE came out and they pretended that Bush asked Cheney to be his Vice President when that the selection was made behind the curtain.

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My point is simple. What we are witnessing with Fauci where 54% of Americans now believe COVID came from a lab and only 17% believe Fauci is the collapse in government thanks to the Deep State. They have been lying to people about getting the vaccine even after they had COVID and are immune as with every other virus after you get it like the Flu. This is how bureaucrats really are in the flesh – they will say anything to manipulate the people. They are indignant, feel they are in the driver’s seat, and are above the law because they do not prosecute themselves. They never have to answer to the people for they never have to run for election.



I am NOT being partisan here! I have said the bureaucrats have won, this time they have an incompetent president and vice president. In this video we can see how Harris in Guatemala tells the people do not come to the United States they will be turned back. But during the election, she said we should give these people “hope” which was exactly the opposite as they painted Trump a heartless and evil. In this video, Trump is talking about illegal aliens and this speech is the one where no Democrat stood and Pelosi tore up his speech. See how politics is just evil. Perhaps one day the majority will cross over to the world of independence and demand then end of career politicians and install an independent office to prosecute bureaucrats that violate the law.

Kennedy Assassination


Then there is the Kennedy assassination that the government refuses to release all the documents claiming National Security, which can only mean that the CIA was the source of the assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald was probably a patsy who was killed to prevent any trial like Epstein or their attempt on my life. This is just standard operating procedure when a trial would expose their corruption.  If it had been Russians who killed Kennedy, they would certainly have released it now given all the allegations that the Russians rigged the 2016 election which Mueller concluded was false. The CIA delayed any release until April 2021 knowing the at Trump would be out of office. I do not believe Biden has released the documents that were held back. Why? It just smells like an inside job.


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Beware May 8th

People are starting to see behind the curtain what I have seen first hand in Washington and other governments. The bureaucrats are NOT public servants. They seek to control and manipulate the public. Fauci has been exposed and already since the turning point of May 8th, 2021, that was the final peak in government confidence. That week also marked Bill Gates’ divorce. That was a critical turning point and I have warned that this Great Reset cabal will fail. In the first month, we have seen the crack in the image and it is just beginning.