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Covering-Up Obama-Boehner Conspiracy?

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Lerner Lois

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has illustrated just how corrupt Washington really is. Yes they indicted Menendez, but they let Lois Lerner walk. Lois Lerner is the IRS former executive who was at the heart of a scandal involving the deliberate targeting of political opponents of the Obama administration. The DOJ has waited for almost two years ago to dispose of this case quietly even after Lerner herself apologized for targeting Tea Party groups attempting to qualify for tax-exempt status. So how can she just walk away?

The answer lies in who is implicated. Sen. Bob Menendez was most likely the scapegoat for indicting him they pretend there is some justice. Indicting Lerner would mean a trial and she would then have to expose who told her to do target the Tea Party. That implicates other Democrats where as Menendez is on his own.

The DOJ can pretend this is about justice but they time these things together for a clear reason. They made both announcements hoping the press will focus only on Menendez while the IRS scandal is swept under the carpet.

There is yet another aspect to this cover-up. That is Boehner himself targeted Tea Party candidates to get rid of them. So you do not have just the Democrats conspiring against the Tea Party, you have the Republican Establishment as well. Boehner removed every person who supported Ron Paul from any finance committee. Putting Lerner on trial just may have revealed a Obama/Boehner Conspiracy.