Degeneration of Politics

QUESTION: Martin, I assume when you say “When Obama was elected, the right simply accepted it and moved on”  you are referring to the people and not [...]

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Fed v Congress

Fed & Interest Rates

James Bullard, president of the St. Louis Fed, in a March 3, 2017 interview with the Wall Street Journal, “The recent data aren’t that different from what [...]

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Pi Day-R

Happy Pi Day – Tomorrow is the Ides of March

While today is know as Pi Day, tomorrow is the fateful Ides of March and indeed to Trump we must say – Beware! It clearly appears that the Treasury has been [...]

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Market Talk- March 14th, 2017

Another quiet trading session for Asia resulting in mixed signals with little headway made. All core markets closed within 0.10% of their previous close. China [...]

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Money or Government – Which is the Problem?

QUESTION: Hugo Salinas Price raised the introduction of silver as a duel currency in Mexico. The 1 ounce coin with no number of pesos listed on it (possible no [...]

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Wire Tap

Did Obama Wiretap Trump Tower?

QUESTION: Do you think there is evidence that Obama did a wiretap of Trump Tower? ANSWER: No! Trump used the term “wiretap” as it used to be that way 20 [...]

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Can the EU Return to just a Trade Union?

QUESTION: Hi Marty, When the EU reaches their “Oh shit!” moment will it be able to devolve back into an Economic union? Is there any possibility that [...]

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Market Talk- March 13th, 2017

Core Asian markets performed well today on what has potential to be an extremely volatile week. The Nikkei bounced from early weakness but was more playing off-set [...]

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WikiLeaks Vault 7 Maybe Bigger than Snowden

  The Wikileaks Vault 7 of the CIA espionage has exposed the fact that they are spying on every individual in Germany from Frankfurt. Here is yet another blow [...]

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Bharara Preet

NY Prosecutor Preet Bharara Who Protected Bankers is Fired

The Trump administration moved on Friday to sweep away virtually all of the remaining vestiges of the Obama administration prosecutors at the Justice Department. [...]

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