EU Bailout of Portugal Has Failed

  This year, 2017, is the beginning of the Sovereign Debt Crisis. While Greece is popping up on the financial radar, the Euro rescue in Portugal has also [...]

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CNN Leaks

Project Veritas has 200 Hours of CNN Audio leaks

Project Veritas has 200 hours of audio recordings from inside CNN and they have asked for help in transcribing everything. CNN is already trashing [...]

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Market Talk- February 23, 2017

A little rest and relaxation is a good thing and that is what Asian equity markets gave us today. Having seen the US markets set even more new highs rather than [...]

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OKeefe James

Project Veritas to release leaked Film of Fake News from Inside CNN?

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas claims it has “hundreds of hours of tape from within the establishment media”  that will expose just how fake [...]

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Govt Looking

Canada to Fingerprint Anyone who Owes Them Money

  The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has begun to record the fingerprints of every person charged (not yet convicted) with tax evasion. This is a move that could [...]

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Friedman Thomas

Unbelievable How Mainstream Media Has Become Just Liars

  Thomas Friedman of the New York Times demonstrates why mainstream media is just becoming so bought and paid for. You have to wonder if they should not be in [...]

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Madonna Woman March

The Woman’s March

QUESTION: Didn’t Madonna advocate blowing up the White House? You haven’t commented on that. ANSWER: While Madonna’s speech at the Woman’s [...]

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Market Talk- February 22, 2017

Having seen the US markets set new record highs, most Asian indices followed the momentum. Many dealers said the euphoria can take us only so far, then we look for [...]

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Advocating the overthrow of Government is a Crime

The comedian Sarah Silverman, who spoke at the DNC National Convention for Hillary, tweeted that her 10 million followers should “wake up & join the [...]

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Schulz Martin

Martin Schultz Wants to Give Refugees the Right to Vote in German Election

  To win the election in Germany, the SPD & Greens want to move to change the law regarding voting rights. Essentially, they want to give the refugees a right [...]

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