91 Year Old Woman Denied her Savings was in Sweden

COMMENT: The 91 year old woman who had her $12,000 deposit declined in Kristanstad, Sweden, and the money confiscated by the State is a sad tale. Perhaps you might [...]

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Happy New Year


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CSHSP-Y 1-28-2016

S&P Stops 1 Point From our Projection Made January 2016

COMMENT: Congratulations Marty. We closed out the year less than one point away from your maximum (Tech 3) SPX 2016 target of 2239.8038 that your computer [...]

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Year-End Closing – Private Blog

Private Blog Update for Year-End Closing Dow – Euro – [...]

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Market-Talk -R

Market Talk – December 30th, 2016

In true year end fashion the markets declared yet another one behind us and the game plays on. The Nikkei happily clears the 19k level, the JPY returns weaker after [...]

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91 Year Old Woman Court Sides With Bank – Her Cash Saving Illegal

A 91 year old woman in Kristianstad tried to simply deposit her 108,000  SEK (approx. 12000 USD), which was her life savings. The bank refused to accept the [...]

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Republican Tax Reform – What About the Deficit?

The Associated Press ran a story reporting: “Congressional Republicans are planning a massive overhaul of the nation’s tax system, a heavy political [...]

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The New 2017 Banking System

The year 2017 will bring us a step closer to eliminating physical money through governments assault on the underground economy. I previously reported that Europe [...]

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Beyond AI

Could AI Become Predictable?

QUESTION: Marty, It occurs to me that some of the most persuasive individuals of history (good or bad) have been so effective because they possessed a keen [...]

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Obama Baton Ruge

Obama’s Desperate Attempt to Save the Democratic Party By Blaming Russia

President Obama has made a desperate attempt to blame Russia for hacking the Democratic National Party (DNC) in an amazing partisan abuse of power. First of all, [...]

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