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Obama’s Desperate Attempt to Save the Democratic Party By Blaming Russia

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President Obama has made a desperate attempt to blame Russia for hacking the Democratic National Party (DNC) in an amazing partisan abuse of power. First of all, the DNC is a PRIVATE organization and NOT part of the government. I seriously doubt if it were the Republican Party that was hacked and Hillary won, Obama would take the same steps. Secondly, even if we assumed Russia hacked the DNC, there would be no allegation that they tried to “influence” the election had the Democrats not been trying to manipulate everything and act in a corrupt manner to begin with. If the DNC was clean, there would not have been anything to hack that would have “influenced” the election. Why do you think Bill Clinton is so mad? The Clinton money machine has collapsed.

Why has Obama blamed Russia? First of all, the big donors to Hillary have privately said they want an audit of where she spent $1.5 billion and they have threatened not to donate to the DNC ever again without that audit. This attack on Russia is all a smoke screen to try to placate the big donors – not middle class America, Spanish, or African Americans. This is the “super-rich” they are trying to distract from any audit by changing the focus to Russia.

Since the DNC is a private organization, Obama’s retaliation is an abuse of power by ejecting 35 suspected Russian intelligence operatives from the USA and imposing sanctions on Russia’s two leading intelligence services. Obama claims that the military intelligence unit known as the G.R.U. Intelligence agencies ordered the attacks on the DNC with the approval of the Kremlin. Obama will not reveal the PROOF.

Furthermore, Obama also announced the closing of two waterfront estates — one in Glen Cove, N.Y., and another on Maryland’s Eastern Shore . Obama says they were used for Russian intelligence activities. Demonstrating how this is all smoke and mirrors to personally help the DNC, Obama has refused to say whether these two places were specifically used in the election-related hacks he still insists took place.

snowdenEven if Russia hacked the DNC, if there was nothing there, then there would have been nothing to leak. Obama is angry that the Democrats simply got caught. If you have not seen the movie Snowden, I highly recommend it. Snowden explained that he left a marker to show it was him to protect his co-workers. There would have been no possible way the government would have been able to identify WHO without investigating everyone. Snowden wanted to protect his co-workers – a very honorable thing to do. This is the real world and any actual proof of a Russian hack seems questionable given they have the knowledge of how to do such a thing and would never have left a trail.

There is ABSOLUTELY no possible way Obama has any evidence that proves it was a hack rather than a leak. Additionally, Snowden was very concerned because the US Intelligence placed cyberbombs inside the power grids and everything of allies, just in case some day in the future they did not do what the Administration told them so the US government could turn them completely dark. They did that to countries like Japan and Austria. That is far more serious activity for which Obama maintains that Snowden is a traitor for exposing the lies of the Obama Administration and being the real dangerous hackers.

This is a pathetic move by Obama and it really demonstrates just how dishonest his entire Presidency has been. History will remember him not only for a failed healthcare system insurers are abandoning and his support of ISIS and AlQaeda in a failed attempt to overthrow Syria for Saudi Arabia, but for his resurrection of the cold war and now this attack on Russia to booster the DNC and distract their donors from any audit of where the $1.5 billion went. This is an abuse of power and there is no possible way Obama would take the same action had the Republican’s been hacked and that benefited Hillary. Not a single mainstream newspaper is calling Obama out for this obvious partisan abuse of power to save the DNC from a revolution internally.

The DNC is a PRIVATE organization – it is NOT a government agency any more than the Republicans, Green Party, or Communist Party. Period! There is no way Obama would have done this if any other party was “hacked” proving this is an abuse of power to benefit only the Democrats. Russia would normally respond throwing out Americans. That is just SOP (standard operating procedure). However, Putin has come out and said he will NOT expel any Americans. Instead, he understands this is a personal matter with Obama and he will await Donald Trump taking office.

Putin said that he “regrets that the Obama administration completes its time in power in this way.” Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov has previously accused the outgoing Obama administration of trying to “definitely destroy” relations between the US and Russia, the worst since the Cuban Missile Crisis.