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Market Talk – November 30, 2016

Been a crazy day for many markets today but stocks have not really been one of them! Oil was the crazy sector today following yesterdays 7% price decline today we [...]

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Private Blog for Month-End Closing

Private Blog Update for Bonds – Dow – [...]

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Stein’s Great Fraud – Even Obama Says “We Stand Behind Our Election Results.”

QUESTION: Hi Marty, there is something circulated around that if the three states being hand recounted by Stein are not counted by Nov. 13th that the electoral [...]

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Venezuelan Hyperinflation

The Venezuelean hyperinflation is the direct result of what happens when the general population loses all confidence in the government. The current hyperinflation [...]

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Gallup Poll: Trust Level of Mainstream Media Falls to 32%

Gallup first began asking if Americans trusted the mainstream media in 1972. America’s trust and confidence in mainstream media stood at its highest level [...]

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Erdogan Admits He is Engaging in War Against Syria

Erdogan has admitted that he is invading Syria to depose Assad’s government. We reported back on August 25th, 2016 that this was the most likely outcome of [...]

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Market Talk – November 29, 2016

It was not until late in the European session did we start to see much movement and even that was in oil. In Asia we saw yet another quiet with the JPY continuing [...]

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Obama was in on Hillary’s Emails Huma Abedin Tells FBI

What is really disturbing is just how far politics has fallen. The FBI released Huma Abedin 302, or the notes on her interview with the FBI. It is becoming [...]

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Google’s Biased Search Engine Exposed – Can They Be Trusted Anymore?

Hillary Clinton’s ties to Google, CNN, PBS, and The New York Times illustrate the conspiracy among these organization who tried to help Hillary be crowned [...]

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Pulitzer-Herst Press War

BBC Caught Fabricating News to Start a War

The press has been routinely creating fake news reports to start a war. This is a serious issue for the press is conspiring against the people to create war, sell [...]

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